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Iman Vellani is cast as Ms. Marvel in Disney+ series

Iman Vellani will bring Kamala Khan to life in the upcoming Disney+ series ‘Ms. Marvel’.

Meet the newest member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Canadian actor Iman Vellani will play Kamala Khan, better known by her superhero alter-ego, Ms. Marvel. Deadline broke the news today, and Vellani confirmed it on her Instagram account.

Ms. Marvel became a staple in Marvel’s lineup in 2014, which kicked off G. Willow Wilson’s iconic run on the character, which is something of an offshoot of Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel once went by the moniker of Ms. Marvel). Ms. Marvel has consistently earned critical acclaim and is highly regarded as one of the best superhero series of the 2010s.

The titular Ms. Marvel is the superhero alias of Kamala Khan, a high school student in Jersey City. Though Ms. Marvel is a regular in other properties, such as the comics and the new Avengers video game, the Disney+ series will introduce the character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Vellani, 18, has never been in a major Hollywood production, and will be diving in head-first in the highly anticipated series. Marvel Studios had been open about waiting for the exact right person to play the role, even if it meant that person was not a well-known person.

Kumail Nanjiani, who will star in the upcoming MCU movie Eternals, took to Twitter to tell Vellani, “Your work is going to mean so much to so many people, myself included. I can’t wait.”


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