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All Things All Elite: October 21, 2020

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: October 21, 2020

Catch up before tonight’s episode of Dynamite with some major developments on Dark and social media!

Good afternoon all, and welcome to another edition of All Things All Elite! Let’s get down to it: Some important Elite plot points show up once again in Being The Elite this week, as well as a big announcement for the Cutler/Avalon feud. Plus we got more of the Gator Golf tournament for the BTE belt.

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Dark saw the return of Allie as The Bunny, and MJF was doing some pretty solid tweeting all this week. Some weeks are busier than others, and this week had some pretty important stuff to review, so get to it! Get all caught up for Dynamite tonight, and enjoy!

Being The Elite

  • Matt and Nick need to meet with Tony Schiavone to discuss the fines they owe. Matt is running out of money, and asks Nick to spot him. The two of them remind each other they need to make this quick so they don’t miss Brandon Cutler’s match since they promised him they would be in his corner.
  • Cut to Brandon. A ref comes in to tell him they moved his match up the card and he’s going on now. Brandon looks for the Bucks as he walks to the match. We get footage from last week’s AEW Dark as he looks for the Bucks before starting the match without them.
  • Fast forward a couple days. Cutler confronts the Bucks about them not being there for his match. He says Hangman told him that Matt and Nick just view him as a prop. Nick responds by saying, “well, maybe he was right. Get back to finishing up BTE”. Cutler walks off. After a second’s thought Nick realizes he might have been too hard on him.
  • Silver and Reynolds stumble on Statlander, who is back. The two of them make fun of her and her broken knee until she hits Reynolds in the crotch with her crutch. She walks off as the two Dark Order members try to recover.
  • Matt Hardy’s kids go to see the Bucks and say hi to them in their hotel room. The Bucks give them an autograph, but after disliking one of the jokes the kids make rip it up and tell them to leave.
  • Hardy comes back, angrily opens the Bucks’ door and says in an extremely angry voice that what they did was brilliant in furthering their bad boy side and helping their tweener characters. 
  • Young Bucks are hanging out, Christopher Daniels comes in to talk and he goes on a long rant about how he’s worried about the Bucks’ behavior over the past month or so. The Bucks shrug him off.
  • Cutler comes in to talk to Kenny. Kenny talks about how he’s getting bored of trying to help people out and building up talent in AEW. He then says he’s going to be less silly, more serious, less skits on BTE. Kenny says he’s bored with the snooze fest of talent and wants to show what he’s got.
  • The Dark Order wants to know why Dean Malenko is in their clubhouse. They say it’s obvious they can’t go in there. They decide to go elsewhere. 
  • In their new hangout, the guys are busy telling schoolyard jokes while Anna looks on, rolling her eyes. Silver gets a call and says its from Brodie Lee. He says Brodie Lee wants Five and Ten to hit each other with paper. They do then Silver reveals it was a lie — he doesn’t even have Brodie’s number.
  • Private Party is having a party and the bouncer lets people in and kicks others out. 
  • Alex Abrahantes comes out and introduces Cutler and Avalon. Cutler comes in with his attorney, Luchasaurus. Avalon comes in with Leva Bates and Ricky Starks. Leva is enjoying a bottle of wine. Tony Khan comes out and says that Cutler and Avalon are responsible for the worst finishes ever, so they’re going to have a match where the two can’t be DQed or counted out. He then opens things up for questions.
  • A couple joke questions, but the important ones are if Cutler regrets not using Avalon’s book when he could have to win. Cutler says no. 
  • Matt Hardy and Luchasaurus have their Gator Golf match. After a tense matchup, Matt wins.
  • Sammy and Fuego have their match. The Bucks say that they are not sure if Feugo is booked for Dark yet, but if he wins this match he’ll have to be booked since they just can’t have him not show up for the next Gator Golf match. Feugo wins.
  • Cutler and Avalon have their Gator Golf match. The two begin to fight and Matt DQs both of them. 
  • Sydal and Colt Cabana (as Nakazawa) replace the Cutler and Avalon. Colt Cabana (as Nakazawa of course) wins.

AEW Dark

  • Shawn Spears def. Christopher Daniel. After the match, Tully gave Shawn the metal slug to slide into his glove but Scorpio Sky ran in to save Daniels.
  • Ricky Starks def. David Ali. Starks came over to commentary after his win. 
  • Scorpio Sky def. Fuego del Sol. After the match, Shawn Spears’ music played but he didn’t come out, just toying with Scorpio.
  • Luchasaurus def. Aaron Solow. For some reason Jurassic Express is misting each other with water before a match with a spray bottle? No apparent reason given for it yet.
  • The Butcher and The Blade def. Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman, Jr.
  • Pentagon Jr. def. QT Marshall. Halfway through the match, Allie came out as The Bunny. This obviously confused and distracted QT, and Pentagon ultimately got the win.
  • Jungle Boy def. KTB. Luchasaurus also gave Jungle Boy a misting.
  • Ivelisse and Diamante def. Kenzie Paige and Skyler Moore
  • Colt Cabana def. Bishop King. Colt comes out looking for The Dark Order, and none of them are around. Shortly after the match starts, Silver and Reynolds comes out, talks to him telling him to “get his head in the game”. They seem to distract Colt more than encourage him, but Colt wins despite that.
  • Five of the Dark Order def. Adam Priest
  • Frankie Kazarian cuts a promo for the tournament. Say he has been working two decades in the business and still is overlooked. He is ready to take all the gold in AEW.
  • Frankie Kazarian def. Jack Evans. After the match there was a scuffle that also included Angelico and Christopher Daniels.
  • Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Ten) def.  Louie Valle, Baron Black, and D3 
  • Wardlow def. Vinny Pacifico
  • Eddie Kingston says the family is all back together now that The Bunny is back. Gives the heads up that everyone is going to pay.
  • Fenix def. Sonny Kiss

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • Private Party gives a little nod to The Bucks’ old Being the Elite catchphrase
  • MJF continues to try to kiss up to Sammy
  • One of the guys who works on the action figures made MJF extremely mad.
  • There was a ton of good MJF content on Twitter this week. Go scroll through his profile.
  • Cody gives a vague response about if he’s a face or heel
  • FTR was on the podcast this week
  • Sammy’s vlog has a lot of Fuego Del Sol in it. If you like having some personality to go along with some of the AEW Dark enhancement talent, I recommend watching those parts.

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