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'Lovecraft Country' showrunner Misha Green hints at a potential season 2


‘Lovecraft Country’ showrunner Misha Green hints at a potential season 2

What wild and mind bending adventures might be in store for us in a second season of ‘Lovecraft Country?’

Following last week’s thrilling conclusion to HBO’s Lovecraft Country, showrunner Misha Green has begun a well-deserved victory lap on the interview circuit. The questions have primarily centered around the show and her storytelling process, but the prospect of a second season has definitely been broached.

Thankfully, it appears that Green is 100% on board with the idea.

In an interview with Michael O’Connell at The Hollywood Reporter, Green discussed Season 2 has if it’s already in the works, stating (emphasis mine):

You’re supposed to say you know seven seasons of the show in your mind and you know exactly how it’s going to end. No. I think that we’ve done some things in these last episodes that are going to lead to a wild season two. What’s in mind right now is going to go to a place no one is expecting. I’m very excited about continuing to challenge the genre space and for this idea of reclaiming genre space for people of color. There’s season after season you can do on this. There’s so much genre space that is untouched by people of color — and not just African Americans.

Green expanded on that idea a bit more in an interview with Dominic Patten at Deadline, stating:

Nothing is official yet, but I envision a second season that carries on the spirit of Matt Ruff’s novel by continuing to reclaim the genre storytelling space that people of color have typically been left out of.

Her most interesting statements, however, came in an interview with Rolling Stone’s Alan Sepinwall. After Green explained that a second season is in the talking/non-yet-official stage at HBO, Speinwall followed up a question about killing off her lead character (Atticus)–specifically if she had any reservations about doing that in the event that Lovecraft Country continued beyond this season.

Green responded (emphasis mine):

None. No pause. I think that it’s a little evident that I just like story to move, and to not be afraid of the possibility that there’s always story to tell. It begins with what Matt [Ruff] was doing in the novel, of reclaiming these genre spaces for people of color. I just feel like that’s 20 seasons in my mind. That statement can open up a world, and the world that was created in Season One can be opened up in so many ways.

That was one of the things we explored with this idea of going to Korea, and understanding that magic isn’t just limited to The Book of Names. It’s everywhere. It’s a thing that’s out in the world. Our monsters aren’t the only monsters that exist.

So yeah…if you’re the type of person who likes to bet, then you could probably put good money on us getting a second season. In addition to being a fantastic show that’s unlike anything else on television, Lovecraft Country also had the ratings/audience to make its continued existence a no-brainer for HBO.

So what would a second season of Lovecraft Country explore? Misha Green certainly seems to know. In the meantime, let’s indulge in a bit of wild speculation, shall we?

The Adventures of Diana and Sprinkles

Lovecraft Country (HBO)

Lovecraft Country (HBO)

The season finale’s awesome final shot all but begs for this to be shown. How cool would it be to watch the super smart and robotically enhanced Diana battle mystical and scientific forces of evil with her loyal pet shoggoth?

Jada Harris proved in Lovecraft Country‘s fantastic eighth episode that she’s more than capable of carrying a series. Put Mattea Conforti from NOS4A2 (the vampire princess Millie Manx) as the villain and you’ve set up a titanic battle for the future between two future Emmy winners.

Lovecraft Country (HBO)

Your move, Millie (Lovecraft Country/HBO)

Putting my fan-casting/story speculation aside, there are still some major plot threads from Lovecraft Country‘s first season that involve Diana and her continued awesomeness:

  • Hard as it may be to accept, it’s 100% confirmed that Atticus perished in the season finale. Back in Episode 8, however, he told Montrose about traveling to the future and receiving his son’s version of Lovecraft Country from a hooded woman with a robotic arm. It’s not a stretch to assume that this was Diana. This would potentially set up a great episode/arc featuring another chance for Misha Green to work some fixed timeline narrative magic like she did in Episode 9.
  • Lancaster may be dead, but his minions in the Order of the Ancient Dawn aren’t. I’m guessing they aren’t too pleased about the Sprinkles (who Diana’s cousin summoned) ripping their boss apart. Even if they wanted to fade into the background, though, there’s no way Diana’s giving up getting revenge against anyone involved in the pain inflicted upon her family.
  • Lancaster was also in league with Hiram Epstein, who was doing all types of awful experiments on people in the Winthrop house. The mad scientist likely had at least a few acolytes who Diana and Sprinkles could go toe-to-toe with.
  • Speaking of Sprinkles, there are bound to be some bumps in the road between the two as they bond and become more comfortable with each other. I’m not saying we need to do a whole “How to Train Your Shoggoth” story arc, but it could make for a really fun/cool episode.

The Power of Hippolyta

Lovecraft Country (HBO)

Lovecraft Country (HBO)

Hippolyta has lived multiple lifetimes and traveled countless dimensions. She was already a genius and heroic character before, but her story is wide open for some amazing possibilities now–whether it’s revisiting her time in the dimensional portal or her new/current adventures.

She would also obviously be involved in mentoring/assisting Diana, which could be all types of fun to watch (and not just because a supernaturally powerful woman named Hippolyta raising a warrior named Diana is a cool easter egg for DC Comics fans).

Ji-Ah’s Story

Lovecraft Country (HBO)

Lovecraft Country (HBO)

Episode 6 was arguably Lovecraft Country‘s weakest chapter, but it did open up a wealth of mythology and storytelling possibilities outside of our standard American setting.

She could also still be involved with the Freeman’s story, which would likely involve her teaming up with Leti. Imagine how fun/awkward that could be.

Montrose Raising George

Lovecraft Country (HBO)

Lovecraft Country (HBO)

This might not sound like the most exciting plot line, but I’m betting that Michael K Williams could make it extremely compelling. Also, with a bit of time travel, dimensional wonkiness, and aging makeup/cgi, we could easily see Montrose raising his grandson as a teenager or even an adult.

Whatever story Misha Green ends up telling, though, it’s safe to say that it’ll take us in at least a few directions that no one expected.

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