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All Things All Elite: October 28th, 2020

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: October 28th, 2020

Catch up on Dark, Being the Elite, and all the social media happenings before tonight’s episode of Dynamite!

Good afternoon, fellow All Elite Wrestling fans! This week on Dark, we finally had a win in the Brandon Cutler/Peter Avalon feud! I highly suggest watching it, it’s fairly short and a very fun match. The rest of Dark had one or two moments to check out as well but overall, well, it was two and a half hours long, so feel free to just look at the results instead.

Twitter was slow this week, and Being the Elite didn’t really have many important plot points, but we did get more of the Gator Golf tournament for the BTE belt! Check out that and the rest, and have a great Wednesday night!

Being The Elite

  • BTE opens up with a Say Cheese or Die style skit, if you remember that old Goosebumps book. Matt has a new phone and realizes that the photos the camera takes show what will happen to someone.
  • Brandon’s photo shows him killed by Best Friends. Nick Jackson is shown as the merch freak. Christopher Daniels is shown working for NXT. Matt walks out of the hangout room and looks at the selfie he took just as Tony Schiavone walks up behind him. He looks at the phone to see his earlier selfie that is of Tony attacking him, as Tony does just that.
  • The Bucks debate with each other about which tunnel to come out of. Frankie Kazarian comes out and tells them they need to go out the right tunnel as that is the face tunnel, and only loser evil heels come out the left one. The Bucks decide to just come from the stairs instead.
  • Dark Order is having a Dark Order party. John Silver is Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, and Alex Reynolds is slutty George Washington. Five and Ten both dress up as the Joker. Evil Uno is The Riddler and Stu is Robin. 
  • Brandon is asking everyone who is going to win the match on Dark, himself or Peter Avalon. Some argue who it will be, others just say they don’t know, Sammy seems to be confused when it’s going to be on, Kip Sabian can’t believe that the angle is still going.
  • Matt Hardy shows up to the Dark Order’s party as Broken Matt Hardy. The Dark Order thinks it is just a costume. Matt Hardy freezes time, gives an explanation of the term “pop” and walks off. Time unfreezes and the Dark Order realize it was the real Hardy all along.
  • Eddie Kingston cuts a promo centered around a trick or treat bucket.
  • Everyone arrives to the Dark Order party. The bouncer lets people in but stops Private Party. They’re not invited because this is a public party. They then tell Brandon to get into the party as well. He points out he’s been there for the past three bits. They tell him to shut up and just come in. 
  • Matt Jackson is thinking about the Bucks’ recent actions. Nick comes and tells him it’s time to go. The two walk off.
  • Gator Golf time! This week these bits were more just montages set over music, so here are the results:
    • John Silver def. Colt Cabana (Michael Nakazawa)
    • Matt Jackson def. Feugo
    • Matt Hardy def. Trent

AEW Dark

  • Dark Order (Stu Grayson and Evil Uno def. Top Flight
  • Ricky Starks def. VSK
  • Allie and Eddit Kingston talk about her betrayal of QT Marshall. Allie admits that she honestly just got bored. She already had gotten a car and a ton of money from QT and just became disinterested.
  • Matt Sydal def. Lee Johnson. Sydal seemed to work heel in this match.
  • Hikaru Shida def. Leyla Hirsch
  • Jurassic Express def. Jersey Muscle and Danny Limelight
  • SCU def. The Hybrid 2
  • Anna Jay def. Katalina Perez. Brandi was on commentary for this match discussing the Dark Order/Nightmare Family feud.
  • Brandon Cutler def. Peter Avalon. There were too many good sequences to go over them all here — I highly recommend this match. Things of note: at one point Avalon started chastising Leva Bates for being worthless. She called him a son of a bitch and said he was only relevant because of her, slapped him and stormed off. The Bucks showed up toward the end and helped encourage Brandon in the last minute. Peter took the pin.
  • Best Friends def. Anthony Bowens and Max Caster. Miro was on commentary talking about how the Best Friends destroyed his arcade set.
  • Backstage, Scorpio Sky’s room had been vandalized and someone (most likely Shawn Spears) had written “thief” on the mirror.
  • Brian Cage def. Fuego del Sol
  • Ten def. Sean Maluta. Five interfered to help Ten get a victory.
  • Ivelisse and Diamante def. KiLynn King and Savannah Evans.
  • Lance Archer says that whoever wins between Moxley and Kingston, whoever wins the tournament, it doesn’t matter. He’s going to go on a warpath until he gets that title.
  • Sonny Kiss def. Aaron Solow
  • Will Hobbs def. Nick Comoroto
  • Darby Allin def. Alex Chamberlain. After the match, Ricky Starks ran in to attack Allin. Cage came in from behind as well. Will Hobbs ran in with a chair and scared off Cage and Starks.

Road to AEW Dynamite

  • We see Wardlow training. He talks about how he doesn’t have friends or family or a partner. All he does is train. This is his life. He acknowledges that if he were to get a title shot he would probably need to have a conversation with Max about that. But in the end, the title is what matters the most.
  • Short music video with Fenix vs. Pentagon. We have the clip from social media with Kingston, Pentagon, and Fenix making it clear that Fenix is giving up his spot to Pentagon due to injury.
  • Cody vs. Orange Cassidy video package. Arn Anderson talks about how Cody needs to keep his eyes open because on any night you could lose. Talks about how anyone could win and become the face of AEW.

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • In case you haven’t heard, or didn’t read the Road To summary, Pentagon is taking Fenix’s place in the tournament due to injury.
  • The Bucks will be making an announcement tonight.
  • If you don’t normally watch Shot of Brandi but have enjoyed it in the past, this week’s episode with John Silver was a delight.
  • Leva Bates is on the AEW podcast this week.

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