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AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 99: Talkin' TKO series 'The Pull' with writer Steve Orlando

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AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 99: Talkin’ TKO series ‘The Pull’ with writer Steve Orlando

Steve Orlando joins the comics podcast to discuss the new TKO OGN The Pull, his new Image Comics series, and what’s ahead!

Special guest Steve Orlando joins the show to discuss the brand new series The Pull from TKO. We delve into process, discuss his other series like Commanders in Crisis and the upcoming Kill a Man, and more!

Before the interview, Forrest and Dave dig into the biggest comic book news. We start things off with a major retcon that occurred in Fantastic Four #26 this week and the reaction from Dan Slott and fans. Next, Robert Kirkman releases the original Walking Dead pitch and proposal, and Chris Claremont does a Reddit AMA, tells Magik superfan that their tattoo is weird and that the character is fundamentally evil!

In new release news, the Marvel Comics solicits are in for February 2021–Marvel’s Voices: Legacy #1 coming, Avengers Mech Strike coming, and Black Panther returns in February! It was also revealed  Marvel no longer releasing W.E.B of Spider-Man at this time. Marvel also revealed they are launching three new podcasts exclusive to SiriusXM today through 2021.

In other publishers’ new release news, Black Hammer: Visions is coming February 2021 as well as the interesting Fear Case. Plus, Image Comics to launch the new superhero series ‘Radiant Black’ in February 2021.

AIPT Comics Podcast Picks of the Week:


  1. Frank: At Home On The Farm #1 (W: Jordan Thomas, A: Clark Bint)


  1. Venom: Planet of the Symbiotes (1995, David Micheline)

In our judging by the cover segment, we pick our favorite cover art out next week. Dave picks The Department of Truth #3 by Trevor Henderson, and Forrest picks The Witcher: Fading Memories #1 by Evan Cagle and Jeremy Wilson. Check those out below.

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