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The most overlooked movies of 2020

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When was the last time you went to a movie theater? Last week? Last month? Last year? As with everything else, movies have taken a big hit this year. There have still been a lot of great films to come out this year, however. They are just coming straight to our homes and with less fanfare than usual. A group from AIPT got together and put together a list of the most overlooked movies of this year.

Alexandra Iciek

The Boys in the BandThis film adaptation of Mart Crowley’s 1968 play, released on Netflix, is an enthralling watch of dramatic tension and sharp humor. Using the all-gay cast of its Broadway release in 2018, this film plays out like a queer Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? — as a dinner party descends into bottled chaos. The acting is simply superb, and it is adapted in a way that feels like it was taken directly of the stage. For all its style, talent and emotionality, The Boys in the Band deserved far more attention than what it received.

Justin Harrison

Capone – Josh Trank’s last-days-of-a-mad-gangster picture is a whatsit, that’s to be certain. Tom Hardy is Tom Hardying all over the decaying Capone mansion, and neither he nor Trank are interested in glamorizing Al Capone’s slow descent into dementia. What they are interested in doing is digging into how guilt and regret shape a man who never cared to understand them before he started succumbing to a neurodegenerative disease. As Capone slips further and further into himself, his perception of the world turns from the muddled to the outright impossible. The result? Some well and truly haunting pieces of filmmaking that put gangster iconography through a spiralizer and create something that’s simultaneously searing and disturbingly funny. It’s absolutely not for everyone, but for the folks it clicks with (case in point), Capone is unforgettable. Plus, hey, there’s an extended homage to Bugs Bunny.

Nathaniel Muir

Blow the Man DownThis Amazon Prime gem has received some good buzz, but still has managed to fly under the radar. Part murder mystery, part comedy, this look into a small fishing village is creative and engaging. It is one of the most original movies of the year and has some top notch performances. What starts as a story about two sisters trying to cover up a crime turns into the dark secrets of the town being uncovered. The setting and story may evoke other films, but it stands alone and is an absolute must see.

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