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'The Prom' review: Fabulous musical fun wrapped in a powerful message

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‘The Prom’ review: Fabulous musical fun wrapped in a powerful message

LGBTQ musical impresses.

I have been anxiously waiting on the arrival of this LGBTQ positive musical for quite some time. This is truly a precious gem. The Prom proves to be not only wildly entertaining but also extremely impactful. The casting is wall to wall All-Stars who know how to put on an elaborate over the top show and boy do they come through! The musical numbers are all high quality and bursting with infectious energy that’s bound to make you dance along. Musical numbers aside, the film also boasts a script that’s able to juggle all these characters and let every one of them shine.

I was so impressed by the singing in The Prom. These folks know how to belt out a tune in the most satisfyingly over the top way. This is a big spectacle of a musical, so why not go over the top and just revel in the fabulous nature of it all?! And revel in that fun they do! Not only is the singing phenomenal but the choreography and visuals are all well done, too.

In addition to the infectiously fun numbers that are appropriately filled with pizzazz, there’s also some more serious songs that do honestly elicit strong emotional responses. The balance of fun and seriousness is handled with precision and one never undercuts the other. This balance is largely thanks to the script, which does right by these characters and the overall story. What I really loved about the outline of The Prom is that it prioritizes everyone, no character fades into the background and at the same time, there isn’t a feeling of too much going on. It can hard with this many characters for things not to be overstuffed, but they’re able to strike a nice balance here.

This cast… OH MY GOD! I just could not love this ensemble more. They all bring so much energy and emotion to the table. Meryl Streep is just so brilliant, she’s able to make her character hilarious, fun, sympathetic, AND she’s able to blow the roof off the place with her musical performances. I didn’t know how I felt about James Corden being in The Prom because I’ve been mixed on his past film performances, but I must say that here he is able to own his character and make us fall in love with him. This is for certain his breakout role.

Just like I’m a huge Meryl Streep fan, I’m also a huge Nicole Kidman fan and she does not disappoint here. Kidman bring pure joy to The Prom with her fabulously fun performance. Not only is she super fun but she’s also full of compassion here – her character is a friend we all want. Andrew Rannells is not as front and center here as the other three main players but he succeeds at being a spirited handsome guy that does end up serve a purpose.

And oh my gosh I just loved Keegan Michael Key in this, I think this is my favorite performance from him! He is so handsome and possesses such a bright personality that uplifts every scene he’s in. And I never thought I’d say this but he and Meryl Streep really do have great chemistry – they play off one another well.

the prom

Jo Ellen Pellman provides a lot of raw emotion and it all works, I felt her pain. And Kerry Washington does a pretty good job of playing someone that is 100% opposite of her in real life. Just a quick note about Washington – I like that while The Prom made it abundantly clear that she was dead wrong, they never made her this completely irredeemable villain. That is a theme to the entire film: take a strong stand, talk to those who are narrow minded, and know that anyone is capable of seeing the truth.

This theme is shown throughout which adds another layer of depth to The Prom. This could have just been laser focused on the teen girl who wants to go to prom like everyone else, but what they do is not only focus on her but also let everyone else’s story expand too, which is smart. Like I mentioned earlier, everyone gets their time to shine – and SHINE they do!

The Prom is a reminder for me of why I adore films and Hollywood. This film will entertain the hell out of you, make you laugh, make you cry, and present you with a crucially important message of TRUE love and equality. Do yourself a big favor, sign onto Netflix, and give this gem a watch!

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'The Prom' review: Fabulous musical fun wrapped in a powerful message
‘The Prom’ review: Fabulous musical fun wrapped in a powerful message
The Prom
The Prom flaunts fabulous high energy musical numbers, phenomenal performances, great costume design, a smart script, and crucially important message. This is a winner.
Reader Rating2 Votes
Infectiously fun well done musical numbers
Great performances by all
Fabulous costume design
A smart script that lets everyone shine without feeling overstuffed
Drives home a message of TRUE love and equality that we should all live by
Nothing to see here - get all dressed up, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to have some fun!

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