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‘Industry episode 7 recap: ‘Pre-Crisis Activity’

Before the grads learn whether they will stay at Pierpoint, Yasmin holds a fancy dinner party to have everyone together one last time.

Industry So Far

The young grads experience their first holiday party at Pierpoint and can’t help but misbehave. There’s a ton of non-discreet drinking, drug use, and sex resulting in so much drama. Robert and Yasmin hook up and Gus alerts his lover’s fiancée to their more than friends relationship. Away from the celebration, Harper confesses to Daria about her scarry incident with Eric. She’s called into a meeting with Sara the next day to discuss Eric’s behavior and he is let go from the company.

Making Moves

Daria wastes no time in establishing her vision of Pierpoint following Eric’s departure. She wants to consolidate all their clients and have a more collaborative working environment. This rubs some the wrong way, including Clement, and the office can’t help but gossip over the circumstances the former Managing Director of CPS left the company.

Elsewhere, Gus is weighing his options and interviews at Goldman Sachs. Hopefully there, they would value him and make better use of his talents. Robert tries to secure Usman’s business moving forward but despite their previous good times together, Usman declines his services.

The Grad Dinner Party

With RIF Day approaching and the interns soon learning their fate at the company, Yasmin decides to have a dinner party as one last hurrah together. It also serves as a good opportunity to get her boyfriend, Seb, a little more income since he’s preparing all the food and they’re charging to attend. Little does Seb know is that Yasmin is covering everyone’s costs.

While cutting the fish for the evening, Seb cuts his hand and Harper walks to the market to get him something for the pain. She happens to see Eric shopping with his kids and feels happy that he’s doing alright though she doesn’t stop by to say hello.

Before the party, Yasmin’s mom wants to meet with her at a restaurant. She informs her daughter that she and her father are finally over. The conversation then leads to Yasmin and Seb’s relationship and whether there’s a future there. Her mother’s words touched a nerve since Yasmin chastises her boyfriend all night when she arrives home.

During dinner, one of the grads brings up Hari’s death and how his passing led to unforeseen advantages for everyone. Not only do the percentages of being hired increase due to one less applicant, but their end of the year bonuses are slightly increased. Incensed, Harper sticks up for her friend and neighbor and divulges the bonus Eric gave her, which is significantly higher than everyone else’s. Daria and Sara had previously demanded she keep those details a secret.

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Photo: Amanda Searle/HBO

As the night progresses, everyone gets more inebriated and the harder stuff comes out. Robert and Seb end up in a room together doing lines off of Yasmin’s baby pictures. Harper and Yasmin soon join in but things turn awkward when Yasmin accuses her boyfriend of stealing Robert’s bill. Everyone clears the room leaving only the couple and Yasmin breaks up with her partner.

Robert and Harper continue the party in another room and begin making out. Yasmin catches them and asks to join in. When Harper isn’t receiving the attention she wants, she pulls an audible pulling the plug on the fun.

Bad News

Word gets back to Daria that Harper told the other grads about her bonus and as punishment, informs her that she needs to return the difference. If that weren’t enough, prior to a meeting with Nicole, Harper confronts her about the sexual assault from episode one. Though she apologizes for her actions, Nicole decides to take her business elsewhere surprising Daria.

The other grads don’t fare any better. Gus doesn’t receive an offer from Goldman because of his arrogance and Robert’s only person that can speak on his behalf, Clement, is laid off from Pierpoint. Yasmin is placed in a tricky situation when her department head brings up the direct messages she’s sent while at the company. He learns why the Anton deal fell apart and the type of abusive behavior she’s put up with from Kenny. He then provides Yasmin the option to report her supervisor to HR and will support her in her decision but also mentions that he only employs team players.

The Verdict

Pierpoint only attracts the finest grads in the finance industry and I always thought the characters we follow on the show are the best and the brightest. After “Pre-Crisis Activity”, I wonder if these four interns are representative of the class as a whole or maybe part of the lower tier of talent. It makes for dramatic TV but they’re always involved in some kind of trouble and don’t seem to fit the culture of the company.

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Photo: Amanda Searle/HBO

Even though she was sticking up for her dead friend, Harper can’t keep her mouth shut about her bonus. Then she ruins a business relationship, albeit for understandable reasons, Gus isn’t very personable and comes off as too cocky. Robert has only shown a knack for the social side of the business but hasn’t stood out intellectually. Yasmin is dragged down by her volatile relationship with her boss, Kenny, and her indecision on how to proceed. Somewhere at Pierpoint there must be a normal grad doing their job well and rather uneventfully.

One person who’s jumped out is Daria now that she’s been promoted. She’s trying to enact a sweeping change in the way the business is run. During the season, she seemed admirable knowing about the questionable side at Pierpoint but conducting herself as honorably as she can. But she proves she can be as heartless and calculating as Eric with her verbal jabs at and firing of Clement. She’s always been a ruthless shark and was waiting for the right time to strike.

The penultimate season one episode of Industry places our new grads at interesting positions leading into their judgement day at Pierpoint. In addition, Freya Mavor’s Daria fills the void left by Eric for the series most intriguing character.

Industry airs Monday nights on HBO.

'Industry episode 7 recap: 'Pre-Crisis Activity'
Industry E 7: 'Pre-Crisis Activity'
The penultimate season one episode of Industry places our new grads at interesting positions leading into their judgement day at Pierpoint. In addition, Freya Mavor’s Daria fills the void left by Eric for the series most intriguing character.
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The precision and efficiency Daria goes about cleaning up at Pierpoint.
Nice set up for the characters as they approach RIF Day.
Are these grads really the best and brightest that Pierpoint could have chosen?

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