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'Captain Marvel' #25 review
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‘Captain Marvel’ #25 review

While Kelly Thompson’s whole Captain Marvel run is good, this arc is easily one of the best, and it’s sad to think that it’s probably half over.

Captain Marvel is one of the best titles on shelves right now and every week, Kelly Thompson proves why. Captain Marvel #25 is another standout issue in a stellar run thus far, continuing the epic dystopian tale Thompson has spent the last few issues weaving together. There are huge revelations, excellent character work, and character chemistry that instantly brings a smile to your face.

SPOILERS AHEAD for Captain Marvel #25!

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Ove’s story has been largely interesting thus far, and Namor and Amora are totally a textbook power couple. The work Captain Marvel #25 does for both Namor and Amora and their relationship together is masterful. Carol is easily able to sense Amora’s apprehension towards her son’s actions, and when she prods, Amora finally tells her side of the story. Amora and Namor’s relationship is conflicting, which makes for some excellent drama. The two hooked up knowing they were a good match, though Amora wasn’t sure love was ever in the mix.

When she has Ove, she calls him the “best” of his parents and the worst — which is an excellent way to put it. Ove has his mother’s devious nature and his father’s wrath as well as both their charm. While Amora’s feelings on Namor were complicated (and boy is their dynamic so interesting that I could read an entire comic of just them), she loves her son more than anything. It’s clear Namor meant more to her than she lets on, though it’s unclear just how much. The reveal that it was Ove who killed his own father is one of the best parts of the issue, adding even more intrigue and drama to a plot stuffed to the brim with it. Thompson constantly throws these fastballs at the reader and each one is somehow better than the last. One of the most powerful moments of the issue is Amora revealing that Namor never raised a hand to his son even as he killed him, saying she “never loved him more.”

Captain Marvel #25

Image: Marvel Comics

It’s amazing how Thompson manages to include such great character work for Namor, a character who is dead, in just one panel. The family dynamic between these three is absolutely palpable, and it’s clear both Namor and Amora loved their son. Even though Amora knows her son is a monster and doesn’t even agree with his actions, there’s something heartbreaking about her admitting that she won’t stop him because he’s all she has left and she loves him. The character work here for her is brilliant.

Speaking of good character work, it’s almost funny how Thompson is writing the best Emma Frost on the market right now and it’s coming from an AU in a Captain Marvel story. Emma’s interactions are witty in that way Emma Frost only is, but Thompson is also extremely adept at digging into her softer side and unearthing what makes her tick. Emma and Brigid’s banter is humorous and offers some necessary levity to the story. If the X-office ever needed someone to write an Emma Frost-centric story, Kelly Thompson has made quite the case for herself in these issues (as well as her Jessica Jones, really).

Emma being able to reach Luke Cage by mentioning his daughter is also another powerful moment, one that highlights a most positive parental relationship.

The final panel of Carol going binary isn’t just badass, it’s absolutely epic. Throughout the course of this one tale, Thompson has already provided a thrilling, dramatic story, but the cliffhanger promises much more is on the way. While her whole Captain Marvel run is good, this arc is easily one of the best, and it’s almost sad to think that it’s probably half over. All in all, Thompson’s writing knocks it out of the park with her character work and Lee Garbett’s art has never looked better.

'Captain Marvel' #25 review
‘Captain Marvel’ #25 review
Captain Marvel #25
While Kelly Thompson's whole Captain Marvel run is good, this arc is easily one of the best, and it's sad to think that it's probably half over.
Reader Rating3 Votes
The character work is excellent, particularly for Amora (and somewhat, Namor)
When the writing is shocking it's very shocking, when it's funny, it's super funny. It hits all the beats it aims to hit.
Garbett's art is great
The reveal that Ove killed Namor (and Amora's reaction) is excellent

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