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Star Wars: The High Republic #2
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‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ #2 review

‘The High Republic’ continues to be a fun read, but you’ll continue to be lost if you didn’t read ‘Light of the Jedi’.

A short recap of issue #1:

Keeve Tennis, who is Mater Sskeer’s padawan, saves Ximpi City by diverting a massive swarm of giant insects known as Ridadi.  This leads to her passing her Jedi training and being knighted by Avar Kriss.  The book ends with Starlight Beacon being dedicated with a slew of Jedi with their sabers held high. During the dedication ceremony, we see Master Sskeer looking angry about something. This scene is followed by him walking into his room extremely upset leaving us wondering what’s wrong with him.

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Issue #2 recap/spoilers:

We start off with Keeve Tennis piloting a ship heading to an area where a distress call was sent from.  Onboard with Keeve is her former master, Sskeer, and The Kotab, who are twins named Terec and Cert.   They arrive at a debris field and bodies floating in space.  One large chunk of the ship is left intact and Keeve senses survivors.  Once onboard, a thick green gas fills the hull, which leads the Jedi to assume the Nihil were the ones who attacked the ship.  The four split up into pairs to search the ship with Keeve being paired Cert.  Sskeer starts having flashbacks to the Battle of Kur (this is where he lost his arm and his friend Jedi Jora Mal, battling the Nihil). 

Cert senses that Sskeer is struggling mentally.  Keeve and Cert find a dead Hutt (shot, stabbed, and poisoned) along with a few other bodies.  While Sskeer and Terec are investigating grains that are on the floor (turns out to be a type of barley used to make Bacta), they are attacked by what looks like a cyberpunk pirate who is wielding a blaster and a massive sword. Sskeer releases his fury and cuts the pirate in two and then as his eyes turn to a bright red color, he continues to slice the body into pieces while being consumed by what looks like the Dark Side.   


Star Wars: The High Republic #2 (Marvel)

Marvel Comics


Once back on Starlight Beacon (where Avar Krsis is the new Marshal after Jora Malli was killed) it is determined that the grain came from Sedri system (specifically Sedri Minor) and that the Hutts purchased, rather than stole the grain. Avar Krisis, unaware of Sskeer’s uncontrollable anger, send him and Cert to go investigate.  Kriss and the others head back to the Hutt ship so that they can bring it back to Chancellor Soh.

Sskeer and Cert arrive at a massive field of barley and an unwelcoming local who wants nothing from the Republic.  While conversing with the local, Cert follows a Rodian into the barley field where a giant tentacle takes him.  Back on the Hutt ship, Kriss notices what we assume are the remains of the pirate (Nihil crew member) that was hacked to pieces by Sskeer.  She asks Keeve why she didn’t tell her about this and that if she knew she would have never sent him to Sedri).  While investigating the Hutt ship, Terec senses Cert’s scream.  Kriss calls Sskeer to inquire about Cert and that something is wrong.  We are left with Sskeer running into the barley field and finding nothing but Cert’s lightsaber stuck in the ground.  

Star Wars: The High Republic #2

Marvel Comics

My take:

Having read Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule, I feel that I have been able to understand a lot more of what’s going on in this series so far.  If I had not read the novel, there would be a lot of holes in the story that I would be left wondering about (not a bad thing).  For instance, they do tell how Sskeer lost his arm, but they don’t really go into detail on who he was fighting (maybe they will get to that in the next issue).  There is mention of the Nihil in this issue and some of the tactics they use in battle are shown but there isn’t much mentioned about Sskeers attacker on the Hutt ship.  

The new characters being introduced in each issue have been great, although the twins are rather creepy and remind me of Uncle Fester from The Addams Family.  There are a great many more that I hope they introduce soon.  The artwork by Ario Anindito continues to be amazing and beautiful.

My questions for next time: 

  1. What is that large tentacle that popped out of the barley field attached to?  

     2.  Why was a Rodian standing in the barley field signaling or waving to Cert?  

     3.  Will we learn more about the Nihil? 

     4.  Is Master Skeer going towards the dark side?

Star Wars: The High Republic #2
‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ #2 review
Star Wars: The High Republic #2
The story continues to be fun to read, but there are currently holes in the story that can only be filled if one has read Charles Soule's Novel, Light of the Jedi.
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The artwork by Ario Anindito continues to be amazing and beautiful.
We learn about two more new Jedi in this issue.
Seeing Sskeer take out his anger on the Nihil
Events not being mentioned or explained that would help to fill in some of the story.

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