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Origins #4
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‘Origins’ #4 review

David continues to right his wrongs.

The future of humanity continues to be placed into question in Origins #4. The last issue brought David, Chloe, and Clif to a city full of wandering robots called Valet Village (think of the village as a sci-fi version of the island of misfit toys). But the most intriguing part of it is that the androids milling about have had no purpose for the better part of a thousand years. Their programming was designed to serve humans, who have been extinct. But even though they’ve had no motives to move forward, surprisingly, each one of these machines is driven by one common goal: hope.

Origins has been a slow yet entertainingly progressive tale so far. We’ve seen a lot of character growth from the main protagonist David Adams and him coming to grips with the harsh reality of the terrifying world he’s helped create. His will to accept and fix his wrongs makes him a character that readers can get behind. Sadly, this issue also sees the demise of a character that makes sense story-wise to push David to become better than the man he once was in his past life. In terms of the writing, the dialogue remains both compelling and informative.

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Origins #4
BOOM! Studios

The illustrations drawn by Jakub Rebelka are poetic, high-spirited, and filled with such remarkable, compassionate panels. One of my favorite moments during this issue that displays the emotion that Rebelka’s work expresses on the page involves Clif and Chloe helping David get to land after falling into a water ravine. Aside from that, the back and forth transitions from past to present are fleshed out incredibly well, and the various robot designs are stunning. Patricio Delpeche puts the cherry on top with an assortment of color choices that help give this book the heart and soul that makes it so great.

Origins #4 is a turning point in the war against The Network. Now that the foundation for the story has been set, the fight for the future begins. The creative team has done an outstanding job. Make sure to pick up all four issues of Origins at your local comic shop.

Origins #4
‘Origins’ #4 review
Origins #4
Origins #4 is a turning point in the war against The Network.
Reader Rating1 Vote
Strong illustrations that connect solidly with the writing.
Unpredictable and thrilling.
Engaging and informative dialogue.

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