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Marvel Studios regains rights to 'Punisher' & 'Jessica Jones' from Netflix


Marvel Studios regains rights to ‘Punisher’ & ‘Jessica Jones’ from Netflix

Does this mean the Netflix franchises have a shot at being integrated into the MCU?

Two years after their respective series were canceled by Netflix, the television rights to Punisher and Jessica Jones have returned to Marvel Studios.

First reported by Brandon Davis at, the news has potentially huge implications for those of us who loved the Netflix series (except for Iron Fist, of course). On the positive side of things, every Netflix character is now officially back with Marvel Studios, including Luke Cage and Daredevil. A lot of folks (myself included) have already been clamoring for Charlie Cox’s Daredevil to return. Marvel Studios regaining control of all the other major characters/Defenders from Netflix makes that much more plausible. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance Marvel will go in a whole new direction and completely reboot everything, which would be a shame (except for Iron Fist, of course).

There’s also the matter of rogue law enforcement and fascist idiots coopting the Punisher logo, which could make any adaptation of that character too radioactive right now.

Punisher Netflix

Not pictured: An example of patriotism (Punisher/Netflix)

Aside from rumored reports/sightings of Charlie Cox on the Spider-Man 3 set, Marvel hasn’t given any hints one way or the other. Whatever they end up doing, however, it’s good to know that these characters have the potential to be on screen again after their 2-3 year exile.

Let’s just hope Marvel Studios is willing to integrate all the fantastic work that was done before into their cinematic universe.

Except for the Netflix version of Iron Fist, of course.

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