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superman & lois 3.1
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‘Superman & Lois’ episode 3 review: Are you ready for some football?

Superman and Lois might have another star athlete in the family.

Previously on Superman & Lois, Clark finds a way to connect to Jordan via their superpowers and they spend the day at the Fortress of Solitude. There, his son learns all about the family history but receives some disappointing news after tests come back over his genetic makeup. Meanwhile, already feeling left out from all of the fun, Jonathan has a hard time fitting in at school and Lois whiffs at gaining support in Smallville and beyond against influential businessman, Morgan Edge.

“The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower” begins with the Kents deciding on new paint for the living room. The heated discussion quickly transitions into an impromptu paint fight but duty soon calls. Superman darts off for a rousing save of a bridge collapse in China. When he returns, his children begin to question their father about his powers with genuine curiosity. With a series where the family dynamic is central, it’s nice to see these tender and candid moments between Clark, Lois, and the twins. It also helps the viewer become more invested in these characters.

Tired of being bullied, Jordan tries out for the football team for an acceptable way he can hit back. It’s a real pleasure watching his and his brother’s tormenters receive their comeuppance. More importantly, Jordan finds something he’s good at as well as some acceptance and a feeling of belonging. He doesn’t seem as alienated as before. In a somewhat surprising turn of events, he owns up to his actions with Sarah’s ex-boyfriend (yes, it is ex now). The scene itself exhibits how much maturing Jordan has done as a result of football. They just needed to take out their aggressions on the field in order to reconcile and come to a mutual respect.

superman & lois 3.2
Photo: Dean Katie Yu/The CW

Jonathan recognizes the benefits team sports has for his brother and he’s the one to convince Clark of it despite his Dad’s reservations. After all, if Jordan lost control of his powers, he could seriously hurt someone but part of being a parent is having trust in your kid. Jonathan’s selflessness here probably makes him the most underappreciated character of the Superman & Lois so far. The move disrupted his life the most and now he has to share what made him special: football. However, he knows how important the sport can be for his sibling and puts family first.

Elsewhere, Lois continues her investigation into Morgan Edge but has problems juggling her responsibilities with the Smallville Gazette. The local paper doesn’t have the same resources and manpower at the Daily Planet. Out of the main characters, Lois is probably the most frustrating so far. She doesn’t seem to be what you’d expect with her naivete last week or her shortsightedness thinking she can do what she wants at her new job.

She does receive a juicy lead from one of the other small towns Edge left broken but someone doesn’t like her snooping around. It all eventually leads to a hired goon coming after her and she must call her husband for help. The goon not flinching when stabbed in the ear should have been an indicator but it doesn’t become as jarring until he absorbs a punch from Superman. Then you realize he’s a metahuman. The attacker manages to escape but the story becomes even more intriguing when another powered individual named Larr, kills him with heat vision. Looks like the Man of Steel will have more than Captain Luthor to deal with this season.

The least engaging of the subplots involve Sarah and her distancing from her mother. Maybe it’s because she isn’t a member of the Kents that it’s more difficult to connect with her. Although Sarah’s narrative can serve as a contrast to Jordan and how their family dynamics and overbearing parents differ. In addition, now that she’s single, it paves the way for their relationship to further develop.

Although Lois’ character is still a bit frustrating, “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower” gives us some intimate family moments and an exciting and mysterious new foe for Superman.

Episodes of Superman & Lois air Tuesday nights on The CW.

superman & lois 3.1
Superman & Lois E 3: 'The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower'
Although Lois’ character is still a bit frustrating, “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower” gives us some intimate family moments and an exciting and mysterious new foe for Superman.
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Jonathan Kent being the underappreciated and unsung hero of the Kent family.
The introduction of another formidable foe for Superman.
Lois is still a bit frustrating.

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