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#ZEMOCUT: Marvel releases extended cut of Baron Zemo dancing


#ZEMOCUT: Marvel releases extended cut of Baron Zemo dancing

The internet predictably responded with an avalanche of hilarious remixes.

As good as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s third episode is, perhaps its most memorable moment came during the glorious two seconds we got to see Baron Zemo burning up the dance floor in Madripoor.

Baron Zemo Dancing

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Predictably, fans of the MCU (myself included) latched onto this criminally brief flash of greatness. Once actor Daniel Brühl revealed that there was additional footage of him busting a move, calls to release the #ZEMOCUT immediately went out across social media.

Today, Marvel Entertainment happily obliged by releasing an extended clip of Zemo’s booty shaking…

…and then looped it for an hour!

This would have been great enough on its own, but the internet was not content boxing Zemo’s expanded choreography into a nameless thumping house jam.

First up is my current favorite that gets ‘Agatha All Along‘ from WandaVision stuck in your head all over again. Also, this may or may not have looked like me for the first couple weeks after the song debuted.


Coming in a close second is Zemo going old school with RUN DMC’s classic ‘It’s Tricky.’


Next up is Zemo throwing it back to Lizzo’s ‘Juice.’ Once again, it works perfectly (and is guaranteed to get your head bobbing).


For my fellow Gen Xers (or kids who spend way too much time in Hot Topic), here’s the baron getting down to Billy Idol’s ‘Dancing with Myself.


I’m not a huge Flo Rida fan, but hard for anyone to resist dancing to his 2007 hit ‘Low.’ Add in Zemo’s dancing, and it’s scientifically impossible (even if you’re writing an article for AIPT while sitting with your fiancée and her family).


Let’s slow things down a bit with a version of this scene that’s bit more melancholy: Zemo futilely attempting to draw some attention from the girls at an 80’s school dance to Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time.’

(This one hit a little close to home).


Keeping it old school for the next entry featuring what’s honestly one of Fleetwood Mac’s best tunes.


Zemo may be from Sokovia, but it’s a ‘Party in the USA‘ when the DJ spins some old school Miley Cyrus.


It’s Britney, Baron.


Zemo hasn’t been in touch with a lot of people since being locked up, but there’s no doubt he’s got plenty of MCU fans wanting to be his ‘Best Friend‘ right now.


The baron may have been ‘Out of Touch‘ with society for a while, but that won’t stop him from getting right back in the groove of things.


I kind of hate myself for liking this one so much, but awesomeness of Zemo’s moves and Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off‘ cannot be denied.


Back it up indeed, Baron…

(It’s also worth pointing out that Zemo’s moves are exponentially better than when presidential candidate Tom Steyer tried to get down to this one).


This entry won’t get nearly the attention it deserves, but folks who appreciate the hidden brilliance of ‘A Night on the Roxbury‘ will get it.


We’ll end things with the one I am posting against my better judgement. Yes, Zemo may be a ruthless murderer, but if you’re on a mission to stop more super soldiers from being created, then he’s ‘Never Going to Give You Up.’

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