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‘SurrealEstate’ star Tim Rozon talks season 1: Getting into the haunted house business

Tim Rozon teases what’s coming from SurrealEstate including a mini Wynonna Earp reunion.

Syfy has a new series premiering this week entitled SurrealEstate. The story follows Luke Roman who owns a real estate agency that specializes in selling the homes no one else can: haunted and possessed houses. He and his crew try to “fix” these buildings and maximize their value.

Recently, we spoke with actor, Tim Rozon, who plays Roman during the show’s press day. The star spoke about his character and his journey along with sharing some tidbits on the first season. Below are some takeaways from his conversation.

Needing a Good Challenge.

Like many hardworking actors, sometimes you have to search for your next gig while still working on your current one. Rozon shared what drew him to the role of Luke Roman.

You know, it was one of those things. I was still filming Wynonna when the opportunity came up. I was screen testing on the weekend for this and doing Zooms with George and Danishka [Esterhazy] and trying to convince them that I was the right Luke.

The thing that I think drew me to it was it was so different than Doc Holliday, that I was playing at the time. There was so much work. You know, Doc Holliday doesn’t talk that much and Luke talks a lot. To be honest, I was pretty scared in a good way. A challenge way. I never had any doubt I could do it but it was a lot to do and I was up to the challenge. I was excited for it. Excited to get into the role. Excited to shave to be honest.

Respect for the Craft

If Rozon was going to play a real estate agent, he thought he’d do some research to help prepare for the role. He was surprised by what he uncovered and after filming he even gained a new perspective on properties.

“Yeah, there’s so much going on there that I didn’t know. It’s tricky. There’s a whole new lingo to real estate that I wasn’t aware of that I had to learn. It is a true thing if a house is haunted, or implied to be haunted, that it will affect the market value of that house,” Rozon said. “Those are real things that I had no idea and when you look into it. They’re all real. Very cool stuff. Very cool stuff. I started looking at houses differently too. When I came home, I’m like you know what? The bathroom is in a good spot.”

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Photo: Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY

The Other Players of SurrealEstate

One of the aspects the star thought would attract audiences is the familial relationships between the characters at the Roman Agency. Despite the supernatural nature of SurrealEstate, there is some levity. Rozon praised the comedic skills of his costars Sarah Levy, Adam Korson, Tenille Read and Maurice Dean Wint.

Then he described how the group fits on screen. “As a team, when we come together, we really mesh well together. It’s one of those things where it shows you that family is what you make family to be. We find our family. I think they’re a bunch of loners who don’t really have anybody who found a home with each other. At the same time, they’re dealing with ghosts.”

Rozon and Levy worked previously together on Schitt’s Creek. The actor spoke specifically about her character, Susan Ireland, the newest member at the agency, and Susan and Luke’s dynamic.  

Well, number one, I think they’ve known about each other in this business for quite some time and I think he has a lot of respect for what she can do as a salesperson. At the end of the day, Luke Roman loves to sell houses. He’s a salesman and he loves real estate and so does Susan Ireland.

No matter what they’re dealing with, trust me, every episode, they want to sell that house that they’re dealing with. I think it’s a lot of mutual respect and…he enjoys that he’s kind of been through some of the stuff she’s going through now within selling the houses. The specialty houses she wasn’t accustomed to selling before.

A Wynonna Reunion

Another person Rozon has worked with in the past is his Wynonna Earp co-star, Melanie Scrofano. The actress plays double duty on SurrealEstate serving as a guest star on one episode and directing two more. You’ll be in for a real treat for her appearance he teased. “I don’t want to spoil too much but she has a lot to play with and she does it quite remarkably.”

Luke’s Personal Journey

The star spoke a little about his character.

He’s got a lot going on and the layers will start to come away and you’ll start to figure out who he is. I think the first couple episodes, people are going to think he’s a certain way and then later, we’ll realize maybe he’s not all business all the time.

There is a sensitive side to him. He’s a complex character which I loved. I love in the beginning; I think he’s been through all this stuff before so many times that I think it’s great that the Susan character comes because he can take a little joy in watching her go through some of the things that he’s well accustomed to at this point.

SurrealEstate has a different take on the ghostbusting genre by incorporating the realtor side to haunted properties. Don’t miss the series premiere this Friday, July 16, on Syfy.

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