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only murders in the building 5.1
Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu


‘Only Murders in the Building’ episode 5 review: New character freshens up the dynamics

Delving into tie dye guy.

On the previous Only Murders in the Buildings, the newly formed partnership looks to be ending almost as soon as it began. Oliver and Charles discover Mabel’s connection to Tim Kono and are warned by Oliver’s son to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Mabel sets out on a lead on the case but little does she know, she is being shadowed by the sketchy tie dye guy.

Early in “Twist,” we find out the identity of the man who likes wearing bright, multi-colored hoodies. It’s an interesting introduction and he instantly changes the dynamic. He’s someone we can’t completely trust because he initially lies to the protagonists about his motives and what he was up to during the night of Kono’s death. If not a suspect, he’s definitely a person of interest. In addition, through their interactions, he allows Mabel to open up and show a different side of her character: less sarcastic and more affectionate and warm. You’ve never really seen her smile until now.