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‘The Wheel of Time’ Episode 4 review: ‘The Dragon Reborn’

Another strong episode.

The story so far: An Aes Sedai named Moraine and her Warder, Lan, have come to the Two Rivers looking for the Dragon Reborn, a person prophesied to save the world or break it. A small group that includes the one, Moraine, is looking to leave the village after a Trolloc attack. Moraine is injured during the ambush, which eventually leads to everyone being separated. With Fades and Darkfriends on their trails, they all fight for survival as they learn about the world they once wanted no part of.

The Wheel of Time has thrown out names and ideals with each new episode and “The Dragon Reborn” is no different. One of the key themes of the episode is what should be done with false Dragons, or people claiming to be the Dragon. The Aes Sedai have drastically different opinions that are an important part of this episode and will clearly be integral to the show going forward.

Episode four also adds a new layer. There is the obvious suspense to the current storyline and there is apprehension due to general distrust. The events of “The Dragon Reborn” adds an undercurrent of apprehension. Events transpire that push things beyond simply not trusting a traveling companion. There is a sense of dread and ill feelings that hangs over The Wheel of Time.

Some of this has been hinted at in previous episodes – Aes Sedai tend to be looked upon with suspicion and fear, for example – but the fourth episode brings a new element. Some of the misgivings in The Wheel of Time are due to outlooks on life. It is not so much that people disagree with each other; they almost pity others for not seeing things the way they do. It seems like an obvious statement, but considering what is happening in the world of the show, even seemingly slight differences can lead to decisions with long lasting effects. 

'The Wheel of Time' Episode 4 review: 'The Dragon Reborn'

There are also doubts among the group from the Two Rivers. After meeting with the Tuatha’an, Perrin begins to question life. Considering what happened to his wife in the first episode, it makes sense that he would reexamine what has happened. Mat’s path is taking an especially interesting direction. Since taking the dagger from Shadar Logoth, there have been hints that Mat has changed. This becomes more apparent in the episode, though not exactly in the way that Rand and the gleeman Thom Merrilin think.

The Wheel of Time continues to look beautiful as it expands on its world and lore. More characters are introduced, but the underlying concern remains the same. Nothing is as it should be and the entire world is in danger.

The Wheel of Time airs on Amazon Prime Video. A new episode releases every Friday

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