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Channel Surfing: Awesome TV picks for the week of 11/29/2021

Our Channel Surfing TV picks include three returning shows.

We have three returning shows for our Channel Surfing TV picks and the fans of each can get excited that new episodes of their favorite series aren’t too far away. The reboot of a popular 60s show, Lost in Space, comes back for a final season. Explore more of those awkward junior high teenage years in PEN15. Finally, visit a world where time refugees of the past resettle in modern day Norway in Beforeigners.

Danger Will Robinson!

If Swiss Family Robinson turned interstellar, you would have Lost in Space. The original ran in the mid to late 60s and has received several remakes since it went off the air. The most recent version is a reimagining where the ship of a family of space colonists is knocked off course into the unknown.

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When we last left off, the Robots had just attacked the Resolute and the Robinson siblings managed to escape but are now trapped on a mysterious planet. Meanwhile, their parents also survived the attack and are worried since they don’t know the fate or whereabouts of their children. In the new season, we’ll find out if there will ever be a family reunion as well as receive answers about the antagonists, the Robots.

Stream season three of Lost in Space beginning Wednesday, December 1, on Netflix.

Junior High Is Rough

It has been over a year since PEN15 season two part one was released but to tide viewers over, an animated one-shot came out this past summer. This week, the wait for more new episodes will be over when the second part of the most recent season arrives.

When you’re in junior high school, you begin that journey into adulthood and part two will show more of Anna and Maya’s growing pains. The girls will encounter new romances while managing their drama at home such as the split between Anna’s parents. Expect even more cringe-worthy yet hilarious situations.

Season two part two of PEN15 begins airing Friday, December 3, on Hulu.

A Blast from the Serial Killing Past

In the world of Beforeigners, a sudden flash of light appears in Oslo and afterwards, people from different time periods of the past including the Stone Age, the Viking Age, and the 19th century begin popping up in the modern day. These time migrants must the learn to assimilate to life in the present. The show follows Lars Haaland, a police officer from today, and his Beforeigner partner, Alfhildr Enginnsdóttir, solve a major case.

In the new season, it seems a notorious Victorian age villain has made his way to Norway and commits a brutal murder. With the case’s ties to the 19th century, could Jack the Ripper have time traveled to the current time to continue his reign of terror. In order to get to the bottom of this, Lars and Alfhildr must put their differences aside and learn to trust each other.

Season two of Beforeigners premieres Sunday, December 5, on HBO Max.

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