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Breaking down ‘The Boys’ season 3 trailer

‘The Boys’ season 3 trailer doesn’t show much, but it does confirm that the series has no plans of slowing down in the crazy department.

On Saturday, Prime Video used a The Boys‘ panel at this year’s South by Southwest conference to unveil the long awaited trailer for Season 3. Let’s give it a watch first before diving into things. Also, you likely already know this, but a good deal of the content is extremely NSFW.

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Right off the bat, we get yet another piece of confirmation that Butcher will be getting powers to “level the playing field” in his quest to bring down the super hero power structure. There’s some shots of him holding a vial of green liquid (and puking up a green substance) which may imply that it’s not Compound V(or at least a pure version of it) that gives him his powers.

That wouldn’t necessarily track with what happens in the comics, but could make for some cool story possibilities.

The Boys Season 3 trailer

After a few shots of people angry staring and clenching/gripping things, we see A-Train in a commercial that’s very reminiscent of Kendall Jenner’s ill-advised attempt to cash in on the George Floyd protests via a Pepsi ad.

From there, we see some superhero dance numbers intercut with Homelander struggling to keep up appearances and Vought film director Adam Bourke getting busy with someone who looks a lot like Queen Maeve. I say “looks like” because I just can’t see the real Maeve doing that.

We also get a couple sweet shots of Annie/Starlight very publicly revealing that she and Hughie are in a relationship.

The Boys Season 3 trailer

Things then immediately turn violent. A few of the bloody clips we see include:

  • Homelander beating up A-Train.
  • A body getting exploded by someone (my guess is Victoria Neuman).
  • Tucker Carlson Cameron Coleman being menaced by Kimiko with a red, white, and blue sex toy.
  • New character Crimson Countess using her powers to blow up a paper mâché Homelander.
  • Hughie getting his arm broken by Kimiko while Butcher calmly watches.

The Boys Season 3 trailer

We then cut to some VHS footage of new character Soldier Boy in a music video. More violence and sex follows, including:

  • Someone’s head getting exploded (once again, my guess is Victoria Neuman).
  • Black Noir sitting down to a can of baked beans.
  • Queen Maeve squaring up for a sword fight.
  • The Deep having sex with a person while looking at an octopus in an aquarium.

The Boys Season 3 trailer

After the aforementioned scenes of Butcher struggling with his new powers, we see some things that I had to slow down and rewatch a few times to confirm. Some I still can’t figure out, so any help in the comments is greatly appreciated

  • Homelander descending to an adoring crowd.
  • Ryan Butcher and Ashely Barrett getting extremely angry.
  • Someone getting shot at in a war zone.
  • A-Train hosting a superhero reality show.

The Boys Season 3 trailer

  • Someone (who I swear is Butcher in a supe costume) beating people up before being stopped by A-Train.
  • Black Noire drawing a cartoon beaver.
  • Homelander milking a cow and groaning with erotic pleasure, which I hope turns out to be a very brief dream/fantasy sequence.
  • Frenchie and Kimiko as the featured dancers/singers in a musical. Seriously.

The Boys Season 3 trailer

  • Soldier Boy kicking some ass on a mission and/or in a movie (probably a propaganda film if he mirrors his comic counterpart).
  • A little boy screaming while surrounded by blood and destruction.
  • Butcher using his new enhanced strength to punch the hell out of a supe (and loving it).

After a few more fantastic fight clips, the trailer ends with the implication that Butcher and Homelander will come face to face again. We then get a post trailer scene (ugh) of a character I cannot for the life of me identify.

The Boys Season 3 trailer

So yeah…safe to say that The Boys season three is going to be all types of crazy. June 3 (when the first three episodes premiere exclusively on Prime Video) can’t get here soon enough.

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