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Creative Beasts Studios officially launches ‘Cyberzoic’ dinosaur toyline

The announcement was accompanied by some stunning concept art by Ross Persichetti.

Back in October of 2021, we had the privilege of interviewing David Silva, creator of the incredible Beasts of the Mesozoic dinosaur toy line. While discussing his scientifically accurate (and awesome) tyrannosaur figures, Silva also revealed his future plans for a line of cybernetically armored dinosaurs and dragons.

On Friday, this glorious idea took shape in the form of an official announcement for the upcoming Cyberzoic toyline. The announcement was accompanied by some stunning concept art by Ross Persichetti.



Cyberzoic (Creative Beasts Stuidos)

Once you’re drooling over those images, let’s take a look at Silva’s description of the mythology behind Cyberzoic, which has all sorts of great toy and story telling potential:

In the distant future, the remnants of humanity are in a struggle to earn their right to survive on a new planet, protected by the formidable ‘Dragons’. With limited defenses, Earth’s mightiest beasts are resurrected through science and technology, giving the humans more than a fighting chance against the reptilian natives. But after splitting into several opposing clans, humanity’s biggest threat may still be themselves.

This type of project would sound plenty cool enough on its own, but having Silva as the one behind it gives Cyberzoic the chance to be something truly special–something fans of his Beasts of the Mesozoic line can definitely attest to. Here are a few things Silva says we can look forward to as the line begins to take shape:

– The dinosaurs will have cyber-enhanced armor (hence the name of the era) but there are no cyborg dinosaurs or cyborg dragons
– The dinosaurs are just as scientifically accurate as they are in Beasts of the Mesozoic, and the same figure molds will be used allowing for extra compatibility with BotM.
– This is a sci-fi story, but is still grounded in our own reality, albeit in the future. Thus BotM could be seen as a ‘prequel’ to this story.
-There will be plenty of humans and a few robot characters, many of which are planned for the 3 3/4″ figure treatment.
-Each Cyberzoic dinosaur release will have a BotM counterpart color, thus a ‘female’ (CZ) and ‘male’ (BotM) version of each species. However many BotM releases will still be exclusive to that line.
– A mini comic with the ongoing story is planned to come with each figure.
– Two preview figures will be first — Utahraptor and Achillobater. The remainder will be supported via crowdfunding, though the platform is yet to be determined.
-Cyberzoic is not limited to just dinosaurs, as the story incorporates wildlife from multiple eras which could also be made as action figures later on.
-Some existing BotM figures will be reintroduced into Cyberzoic with new colors, including but not limited to: Yutyrannus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Dryptosaurus, Triceratops, Styracosaurus, and Diabloceratops.
– The ‘Dragons’ will follow a natural history aesthetic as compared to the traditional ‘fantasy’ look. These figures will vary in size and will be released less frequently than the dinosaurs.

A lot of us were already on board for the dinosaurs, but the idea of Silva doing even more forms of wildlife…AND DRAGONS…is all types of exciting. Here are a couple pictures from an earlier Dragon vs. Dinosaur scene he created. If Cyberzoic is anything like this, then I think a lot of us are going to have to rethink/expand our toy budgets.


Creative Beats Studios

Silva also included a list of what dinosaurs we can expect to see first when Cyberzoic goes into production, which you can check out below. If the line is successful, then other dinosaur families such as Hadrosaurs, Ankylosaurs, Spinosaurs (!), Sauropods will be introduced.



Make sure to follow Creative Beats Studios on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates on the line along with the usual Beasts of the Mesozoic goodness.

You can read our most recent interview with David Silva (where he discusses the Cyberzoic line) here.

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