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Flashpoint Beyond #0
DC Comics

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‘Flashpoint Beyond’ #0 review: Everything matters

‘Doctor’ Batman is back and has to figure out the mysteries of the Clockwork Killer and the world of Flashpoint.

The world of Flashpoint returns with a vengeance as we see where Thomas Wayne went after being blasted by Darkseid back in Justice League Incarnate #4. He is back to his hell in a world where his son died, so now he has to figure out how to escape. There is so much happening in this issue, as we follow Bruce Wayne and Thomas Wayne, decode all those amazing Easter eggs, and try to solve the mystery of the Clockwork Killer. All of this is wrapped up in Eduardo Risso’s excellent art. 

SPOILERS AHEAD for Flashpoint Beyond #0!

Flashpoint Beyond #0
DC Comics

Let’s start with the art, as the team of Eduardo Risso and Trish Mulvihill help to bring a suspenseful noir vibe to this mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat. I am so glad that DC Comics got Risso and Mulvihill to return, as they don’t miss a beat; this feels like it could be issue #4 of Batman: Knight of Vengeance.  They keep the art clean in their style and differentiate between the two Batmen excellently. Their stances and actions are different as Bruce is tame and Thomas is wild. Since this is the world of Flashpoint, the team also sneaks in some moments with other Flashpoint characters, and it will be compelling to catch up with them in future issues, especially Aquaman. 

Risso’s panel structure is unsystematic, but it works as it makes you explore each page and panel. Honestly, take your time and enjoy what is laid out before you, as I’m sure some clues will pay off later in the series. An intense scene is when Thomas Wayne tracks down the one person he thinks can help him escape the Flashpoint world: Barry Allen. Their moments of interaction get intense as Thomas kidnaps Barry, reminding us that Thomas will do whatever it takes to make his goals happen — remember that mild sedative he keeps with him?

Flashpoint Beyond #0
DC Comics

Speaking of Barry Allen, there is a scene where the writing and art come together to break his heart. In the mainstream DCU, Fiona Webb was a woman Barry Allen planned on marrying after Iris’s death. I like how the characteristics of Barry are multiversal with him being late, and sadly this cost him his chance with Fiona. Fiona then gives Barry some constructive criticism, and it paints a sad life for this Barry while planting the idea that he should be living differently. That scene does play nicely in the issue of tugging at your heartstrings over Barry’s fate. 

Writer Geoff Johns does an excellent job of creating a mystery that calls for your attention. When you discover who the victims are, you see a common link of time travel, and that builds up the hype for the Clockwork Killer. It does seem the killer knows of the multiverse, so is this someone from the Flashpoint Universe or the main DCU? 

Something else that is majorly fun about this issue is the chalkboards and Easter eggs. We have seen a chalkboard in the preview pages, and there is a newspaper and phone book so make sure to analyze them as you check out the issue. I especially loved the message that Thomas Wayne received on his chalkboard, “Everything Matters.” This message will test Thomas’ mission and character against his end goal. I also enjoyed the Divine Continuum mini-map, as this seems to be an attempt to make sense of all the new jargon that DC Comics uses to explain their continuity. 

Flashpoint Beyond #0
DC Comics

I have hope for this mini-series after this zero issue and look forward to seeing what Jeremy Adams and Tim Sheridan bring to the overall story. Flashpoint Beyond can be a great way to make Doomsday Clock a more critical story; this can find ways to make Doomsday Clock connect by having a stronger connection to DC Comics stories that these characters play in. I know I’m very interested to see how Bruce and Thomas can potentially collide in future issues and to see how that one crazy mental patient will impact this adventure.  

So, get your back issues of Flashpoint and Doomsday Clock out of storage and see if you can figure out who the Clockwork Killer is before they stop time. And don’t forget to check out our first look at Flashpoint Beyond #1.

Flashpoint Beyond #0
‘Flashpoint Beyond’ #0 review: Everything matters
Flashpoint Beyond #0
Flashpoint Beyond creates a mystery by presenting a lost world returned. Many questions will cause suspense and wonder. Absorb the art, clues, and Easter eggs as 'Beyond' can be a story link that will tighten up 'Flashpoint' and 'Doomsday Clock' by revisiting and adding depth.
Reader Rating1 Vote
Risso and Mulvihill craft a world steeped in mystery and noir
Geoff Johns opens with a good hook – just who is the Clockwork Killer?
The chalkboards are back and I always appreciate their ambiguous hints
The ballad of Barry Allen in the world of Flashpoint was a rollercoaster of emotions with excellent highs and lows
Seeing characters from Flashpoint and Doomsday Clock gives Beyond potential to become a great piece in a trilogy that makes them stronger as a whole
My worry is not with the issue, but with the mini-series being pushed from weekly to monthly, I don't want this story to lose steam before it starts
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