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EXCLUSIVE: It's 'Die Hard' at the Baxter building in 'Fantastic Four' #47

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EXCLUSIVE: It’s ‘Die Hard’ at the Baxter building in ‘Fantastic Four’ #47

Get an exclusive inside look at ‘A.X.E.: Judgment Day’ tie-in ‘Fantastic Four’ #47.

Press Release

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, AIPT can exclusively reveal the Fantastic Four #47 A.X.E. tie-in comic written by David Pepose with art by Juann Cabal. Fantastic Four #47 kicks off a two-part story. The A.X.E.: Judgment Day event launches this June from creators Kieron Gillen and Valerio Schiti, which can be summed up via the official trailer.

In Fantastic Four #47, Oubliette Midas has set her sights on taking the Baxter building. It’s being pegged Die Hard in the Baxter Building. Given the cover art of the issue features Invisible Woman in an elevator shaft, that’s a fitting comparison. Expect to find it in comic shops this August.

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This is what Pepose has to say about the issue:

“As a massive fan of Kieron and Valerio’s work, it’s such an immense thrill to be joining in on the fun of A.X.E.: Judgment Day. Combining mad science, cosmic romance, indefatigable human spirit, and the best pizza in New York City, I’m having such a blast tag-teaming with Juann on this story, featuring Sue Richards as you’ve never seen her before, as she goes head-to-head with one of my all-time favorite Marvel villains!”

Check out the full solicit for Fantastic Four #47, and cover art by Cafu, below.


The Taking of Baxter 1-2-3-4 begins now! With judgment looming over the Marvel Universe, Reed Richards has locked himself in his Think Tank in search of answers. But with the fate of humanity on the line, what happens when OUBLIETTE MIDAS sets her sights on the Baxter Building? As the Fantastic Four falls before the Exterminatrix’s death traps, only one hero remains standing — but if you thought Oubliette was dangerous, it’s nothing compared to what the Invisible Woman is capable of. Get ready for Die Hard in the Baxter Building, as we’ve only got one thing left to say: Yippie-ki-yay, Marvel Universe.


DAVID PEPOSE (Writer) • JUANN CABAL (Artist) •
Cover by CAFU
Release Date: August 2022

Guest writer David Pepose on writing 'Fantastic Four' #47

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