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'Detective Comics' #1068 continues to build tension
DC Comics

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‘Detective Comics’ #1068 continues to build tension

Detective Comics is setting up a grand dramatic story with a highly talented artistic team.

Every issue of the Ram V’s Detective Comics feels like a match is being lit near a pile of dynamite. It’s not clear when it will blow, but you know it will eventually. Even when significant events happen, like the Orgham’s move at the end of issue #1067, the story still feels like it’s building. Issue #1068 is another strong note in the ongoing song the team is creating.

In Detective Comics #1068, Batman must rush to try and save Gotham as the Orghams begin to make their move as the Gotham Nocturne continues to build. The mysterious and mystical enemies push Batman to his limits, meaning he’ll need help from a coin-carrying former friend.

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The operatic influences in Detective Comics are apparent in every issue Ram V writes. Events are big, dialogue is dramatic, and scenes are full of spectacle. Simply put, Ram V is building a real high drama, grand narrative story. Both work in the series’ favor, though sometimes can make things feel slow.

Detective Comics #1068

DC Comics

Harvey Dent steps into centre stage for issue #1068 as he must wrestle with the decisions he’s made recently. The issue is focused on Harvey’s perspective as he argues with his darker half. It’s terrific to see Two-Face’s story unfold, especially after the excellent A Tale of Three Halves that ran backup for the past three issues.

However, this also means we only get a little follow-up to the end of the previous issue. There are some significant moments towards the end, but overall, the issue focuses more on setting up where Harvey is heading. This issue almost reads like a dramatic monologue in a play, with time slowing down as Harvey argues with himself. It’s terrific to see this style come into play as Batman and Harvey have to reckon with what and who they are.

In issue #1067, Mr. Freeze compared Gotham to Nora, saying Batman “battles every night to preserve his innocent vision of this broken city.” It’s an interesting sentiment echoed by Dark-Blood in this issue. Meanwhile, Harvey is having a similar crisis of faith as he has to come to terms with his own changes. There is a sense of change radiating throughout each panel.

Detective Comics #1068

DC Comics

Speaking of panels, the art team is always bringing their A-game. Most of the issue is a fight, and artists Ivan Reis and Rafael Albuquerque create a very cinematic scene as Batman faces off against Tenclaw and Dark-Blood. There are one or two interesting facial reactions from Batman, but overall, some really stylish and dramatic shots tie in nicely to the narrative.

Danny Miki is inking and does a terrific job using the shadows to highlight the tension and impact of the fight and Two-Face’s internal struggle. Dave Stewart is coloring, which is strong as always, but there is a dramatic sequence accented with purple and red toward the end, which is a standout. Ariana Maher is also doing a standout job on lettering. The varied text style given to so many characters is a great way to help set the tone, and she does a great job of making you hear and feel Harvey’s other half when he speaks.

Detective Comics #1068

DC Comics

Simon Spurrier returns to write with Dani on art for the continuation of The Coda. It’s a beautifully drawn backup, and I’m interested to see how it will play into Detective Comics’ larger narrative.

Ram V continues to build the tension in Detective Comics #1068, and while the plot slows down slightly, the character choices make the issue another solid addition for the run. Detective Comics is setting up a grand dramatic story with a highly talented artistic team, and I can’t help but feel like we still have yet to see the full scope of what’s coming.

'Detective Comics' #1068 continues to build tension
‘Detective Comics’ #1068 continues to build tension
Detective Comics #1068
While pacing might be slow at time, Ram V continues to write a compelling narrative Detective Comics, full of big drama, dark enemies, and interesting questions. With a talented artistic team, issue #1068 is a strong addition to the operatic Gotham Nocturne arc.
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Interesting dynamic between Harvey's two halves
A great build up of tension
Strong art and lettering
The pace slows down a bit
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