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Inferno Girl Red #1
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‘Inferno Girl Red’ #1 Review

After seeing her in action during Supermassive, readers now get Inferno Girl Red’s tokusatsu-inspired origins.

The Massive-Verse is expanding again as Erica D’Urso, Mat Groom, Igor Monti, and Becca Carey introduce us to Cássia Costa, AKA Inferno Girl Red, in an oversized first issue. Full of interesting characters, exciting action, and enough mystery to keep you locked in, Inferno Girl Red #1 is a great solo debut for the dragon-armored hero.

Inferno Girl Red started life as a Kickstarter, which blew far past its target of $42,000. Now, Image is releasing it as a three-part limited series. You might’ve seen Cássia once before, in 2022’s Supermassive crossover by Kyle Higgins, where she teamed up with Radiant Black and Rogue Sun. After seeing her in action, readers now get the hero’s tokusatsu-inspired origins.

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Cássia and her mother, Ana, are moving to the futuristic Apex City to start a new life. Cássia is starting at Helix Campus, the most prestigious high school in the country. Things seem fine enough until someone transports the city into another dimension, and an evil flaming dog attacks. You know—the typical first day of school activities.

Inferno Girl Red #1

Image Comics

New city, new school, new friends, mysterious enemies: it’s a good, solid recipe for a new YA superhero series. Cássia is a fun and refreshing lead who is full of personality. She is struggling with her life’s recent changes, setting up a compelling story of self-discovery. Meanwhile, her mother, Ana, a former reporter, has a history with a previous Inferno Girl Red and is so proud when her daughter is thrust into the role, even while Cássia is not. The pressure from a parent can be immense in everyday life. What will that mean when superpowers are involved? It’s a dynamic I’m excited to see explored further.

The book’s non-traditional length gives scenes a chance to breathe. We know Cássia and her stakes when adventure comes knocking at the door. Co-creator Mat Groom knows when to push the story along and when to let us rest with the characters. Groom also plants seeds of the larger mystery around Inferno Girl Red and Apex City, keeping readers hungry for more.

Inferno Girl Red #1

Image Comics

Artist and co-creator Erica D’Urso brings some real life and personality to the characters and Apex City. There are some tremendous splash pages and intimate character moments, and the action scenes are a standout. Igor Monti infuses each panel with vibrant colors and masterfully lights each scene. The city comes to life in the evening with a beautiful spectrum of purples and pinks. It’s a gorgeous book to look at. Becca Carrey does some great work with the lettering. The first transformation is accented by some terrific titling that packs an exciting punch.

From top to bottom, Inferno Girl Red is a terrific beginning for a new hero in the ever-expanding Massive-Verse. Each panel and page are packed full of personality, fun, and tremendous spectacle. Cássia and the exciting characters around her make Apex City come alive. Thanks to a talented creative team, Inferno Girl Red issue #1 is a true blast and an exciting start for a new superhero.

Inferno Girl Red #1
‘Inferno Girl Red’ #1 Review
Inferno Girl Red #1
With terrific art, refreshing characters, an intriguing mystery, and great action, Inferno Girl Red is a knockout debut for the latest addition to the Massive-Verse.
Reader Rating1 Vote
Engaging and dynamic art, colors, and lettering
Cássia is a fun lead for this YA superhero story
Exciting action
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