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Is It Good? Chasing The Dead #4 Review

Without a doubt, Chasing the Dead has become one of my favorite zombie comic series. I don’t count Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse in this category, as he is a worm god who merely rides around in a dead person. Look, that comic isn’t about him being a dead guy, or whatever meat suit he’s in; it’s about him consistently saving the world. No, my favorite zombie comics are Deadworld, and now Chasing the Dead. The Walking Dead is ranked at number 3.

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Chasing The Dead #4


But that’s not what this review is about. Time to talk about why Chasing the Dead is so great. For one, it’s unsettling in its unique use of zombies. Reanimated corpses talk and just pop out of nowhere, as they have supernatural power behind them. Supernaturally reanimated dead people have always been my favorites.

In this last issue we finally find out who’s been calling Susan. This is a rarity, but I won’t spoil who it is for you. Matthew Scott and Tim Westland have crafted a chilling series, and this last issue doesn’t disappoint. It’s a skillful adaptation, considering they whittled down a whole novel into just 4 issues.

The art by Dietrich Smith cranks into high gear. His weird mannequin faces are quickly forgot amongst the chaos of reanimated dead, eyeless and speaking in tandem. The atmosphere is great, and most of that is through the backdrop Smith has created. Take this panel as proof of the atmospheric brilliance.



  • Creepy art
  • Creative use of zombies
  • Ambiguous aspects of plot make it scarier
  • Non-dead character faces still look odd.
  • Somewhat confusing at times

Is It Good?

Yes, it’s good. The only snags are still those strange faces Smith draws and an inexplicable nature to the whole affair. Yet this same ambiguity also aids in making the story that much creepier. Do yourself a favor, and check out Chasing the Dead if you like horror comics. It’s a ride in the cold you’ll want to bundle up for.


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