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Is It Good? Locke and Key Omega #3 Review

Locke and Key Omega #3 (IDW)

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Things are winding down with Locke and Key. Shadow demons are closing in. Bode, the youngest of the Locke family, is possessed by a demon named Dodge. Dodge wants to use a key known as The Omega Key to release all sorts of nasty demons into our world. And…it’s prom season!

What do you mean I have to pay you royalties for Carrie?! Dad, is this about the lawn? Fine, I’ll mow the f-----g lawn, God!

This is an entertaining issue. Not that last issue—with the special needs kid who saw Nazi dinosaurs—was at all boring. But this is one of those issues where you get a good mix of action, and just kids being kids. You can say a lot of things about Joe Hill’s writing style, but the man knows how to wind things down.

We get some truly unnerving panels from Gabriel Rodriguez, like these gems.

And plenty of depressing panels. The most depressing of which being when Kinsey, the daughter, thinks her mother is back on the booze wagon. The Locke mother used to be an alcoholic.

Is It Good?


  • Art is nuts
  • Good balance of supernatural and life drama
  • Fun little ride
  • Some of the prom stuff gets a little hokey

So, is Locke and Key Omega #3 any good? Yeah. There’s plenty of suspense and drama to keep you flipping the pages. The art gets really nuts, as Rodriguez is adept at getting (see his work with Clive Barker on Seduth and The Great and Secret Show for proof). Joe Hill is cranking on all cylinders, bringing Locke and Key to its conclusion. The toughie is going to be how he resolves everything, but right now it’s still a great read.


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