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What The Future Holds For Mobile Gaming


What The Future Holds For Mobile Gaming

European market research firm Newzoo claims the mobile gaming industry will make $70.4 billion dollars this year, six percent more than 2012. By 2016, mobile gaming is expected to overtake PC and console gaming. As the sector grows, mobile gaming firms are working hard to improve their product for consumers in the following ways.

More Games Appealing to Hardcore Consumers

Traditionally mobile gamers are users that don’t regularly play games. They’re typically young, between the ages of 13 and 24, and they’re more likely to access a game than the internet on their smartphone. But forecasters predict mobile game programmers will look to hook a new class of more dedicated gamers in future.

The hardcore mobile gaming industry is already worth around $2 billion in the United States and Europe and that figure is expected to increase as programmers create products for consumers happy to invest in their entertainment.

More Multiplayer Games


The rise of mobile games like Draw Something, Words With Friends and SongPop shows users are drawn to games that see them battling against their friends. Forecasters predict programmers will take this concept to the next level with multiplayer games that allow users to take on others in real-time. The reduced cost of cloud storage will help make this possible.

As multiplayer games become more common, new interactive features like BlackBerry Messenger will come into their own. With BlackBerry BBM for Android, users could chat with their friends and other gamers in real-time.

Tablets Will Kill Off Consoles

It’s a bold prediction, but the writing seems on the wall for gaming consoles. Console sales in America dropped by 21 percent in 2012. In the same year, sales of console games fell from more than $11 billion to less than $9 billion. At the same time 60 percent of us were gaming on tablets, compared to 42 percent squinting at smartphones and just 38 percent using laptops.

Programmers are taking notice and creating more games with tablets in mind. Titles like the first-person shooter The Drowning and the action role-playing game Infinity Blade offer the sophisticated graphics and complex storylines that serious gamers crave. As devices like the iPad Mini and Windows 8 tablet reach more consumers, we can expect the tablet gaming market to grow.

Mobile Gaming Offered on Multiple Screens

The relatively small dimensions of smartphones make them portable, but they’re not the perfect devices for gaming. Tablets are a little larger, but they still can’t compare to the experience we enjoy on our large flat-screen televisions at home. But what if we could enjoy our favorite mobile games on these enormous screens?

Michael Ludden, the senior manager of Samsung Developers, suggests playing games on multiple screens could be part of the future of mobile gaming. As part of the Game Developers Conference’s The Future of Mobile Gaming panel, he noted that companies are experimenting with technology which would allow us to switch between our preferred screens.

Mobile gaming still has a way to go before it compares to the experience of console and PC gaming, but improvements like these are steps in the right direction.

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