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Is It Good? Talon #14 Review

This is it, folks: The end of James Tynion IV’s run on Talon. How does it all come to a close? Is it good?

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Talon #14 (DC Comics)

It’s time for the big finale! All the players are at the scene. Casey Washington and her friends have shown up to fight the onslaught of Talons, Felix is preparing to finish of Calvin who has been weakened by the death sermon, and Sebastian Clark is ready to blow the hotel sky high and take out a part of Gotham as well. Who will win this final fight and who won’t be surviving?

It’s going to be quite brutal, isn’t it?

Now, this is a good finale. It wraps up every plotline, but still leaves the door open so the story can continue and leaves some fun little hints at the future possibilities (not too many, since the comic is cancelled as of this coming March). The characters’ stories are complete and well fitting for all them, with some ending up being downright touching. There were many great moments that were well deserved for the characters and an ending that should make the fans smile. Just really good, with solid enough writing all around (I wish I could talk more about it, but unlike another comic recently, I don’t want to spoil anything. Just know if you have been enjoying the comic up until now, you will be very much rewarded for your time).

The only other thing I can really discuss about the comic without going into spoiler territory is the artwork. Emanuel Simeoni does the issue again and yeah, it really isn’t all that great. His action is decent and there are some solid pages, but most of characters look kind of off or the amount of detail seems to constantly vary (as in, someone may look different depending on the page). Masks people wear don’t look like they fit right on them in some of the angles, like with one individual looking like he is wearing a mask on the side of his head due to how his neck looks. Backgrounds can be empty or just colorless a bunch of the times. It honestly kind of lackluster; kind of hurts the finale.


  • A thoroughly enjoyable and fitting finale.
  • Writing and characterization was strong.
  • Artwork had a couple of problems.

Is It Good?

Talon #14 was a fantastic ending for the writer’s run that did almost everything right. Its only problem is the questionable artwork, but even then, it doesn’t sink this great experience. Fans of Talon, you are in for a treat.


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