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Is It Good? Avengers #27 Review

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Is It Good? Avengers #27 Review

Welcome back to Hickman’s Avengers. I recall last time, there were Adaptoids, evil alternative Avengers, and… that’s it. Can’t recall anything else of importance, but maybe something big will happen this time. Is it good?

Avengers #27 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Avengers #27 Review

So, alternative Bruce Banner meets regular world Bruce Banner, and A.B.B. (as I like to call him) just chats the guy up. Meanwhile, AIM tries to clear up some loose ends with the alternative universe Avengers while those guys are fighting the regular world Avengers.

Is It Good? Avengers #27 Review
Doctor is very important. Don’t you forget it or I’ll get mad.

While I was not a fan of the fact that the series was double shipped originally, this book is in desperate need of going back to that. This book has become even more dull and decompressed, if you can believe it. This is a comic that barely accomplishes anything every issue (seriously, with a bit of rewriting, you could have easily squeezed these last three issues into another big issue like what we got with Avengers #24) to the point where the recap is able to cover every single point of these issues because everything else going on in the story is pretty pointless and adds nothing. It’s so bad that even if one were to read the issues back to back once the arc is over, it still wouldn’t feel like much happened or that you would have gotten your money’s worth.

For instance, take the scene between regular Bruce Banner and his alternate. It goes on for six pages and it adds nothing to actual story, since it’s just A.B.B. talking about him and nothing is really learned from it. Then you get the scene with AIM which basically amounts to them saying that they have to clean up their errors before anyone learns what they did (unfortunately, that’s sort of a moot point now that the Avengers are aware of these alternative Avengers). Then the rest of the issue is just a big fight scene, which is nice to break up the dull and dry scenes that came before it (there are even some decent lines here), but again, not much is accomplished. In fact, only two things happen and that’s not until the very end of the issue. With not much going with each issue, being very padded out and decompressed, and the series now being released once a month, this series is in desperate need of an adrenaline boost to wake it up and get moving. It feels like Hickman is just trying to drag the story out as long as he can until Original Sin hits (like what he is also doing with New Avengers now and what he did with both books before Infinity came out) because he has literally has nothing else story wise until then.

Is It Good? Avengers #27 Review
Secretly, he’s really doing that as a warning to rest of the AIM grunts to make sure their hat helmets don’t go as floppy as his did.

Besides the lack of story progression and the decompression that is killing the momentum of the book issue by issue, there is not much else that the book has to offer the reader. Outside of the fight scene, the dialogue is still pretty boring and vapid, where it sounds like the characters are trying to sound profound but really aren’t. The pacing is as slow as molasses and makes the story feel even more drawn out. There are moments of character stupidity that undercuts them as being effective (seriously AIM, you have the power to kill the Avengers and this is the second time you have the chance and don’t do it only because the plot wouldn’t allow for it, trying to disguise it as being orders from higher ups). The ending (not the last page mind you, but the previous page) does have potential depending on how they go with it, but at this point, the writer does not inspire much confidence.

The artwork is perfectly fine. The action is decent, characters look fine (except for one of the AIM higher ups looks like she’s sixteen and AIM’s darn helmet hats they wear. Seriously, why are they so floppy?), layouts are okay even if they do contribute an awful lot to the decompression this series suffers from, and colors are okay. There is one hiccup in an area though, where in one panel the characters appear to be in front of a building, and in the next panel they are on top of a skyscraper judging from the setting. Overall though, nothing too bad.

Is It Good? Avengers #27 Review
They are at the very bottom of this image as you can see. I would have focused the image more on or adjust the footage so that they would have been in the center, but meh.

Is It Good?

Avengers #27 is starting to show a very bad sign of what this series is becoming if it continues on this path. The complete lack of story progression for the most part and the over decompression, combined with the fact that comic only ships once a month now is severely killing any sense of momentum, excitement, and interest one can get from this series. This comic needs to step things up desperately, because in the current direction, it’ll kill the audience’s interest and patience with it very quickly.

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