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Is It Good? She-Hulk #6 Review

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Is It Good? She-Hulk #6 Review

The story for last month’s She-Hulk was well done and engaging but the artwork… not so much. Will the artwork be better this time around? Can the story keep up the pace? Is it good?

She-Hulk #6 (Marvel Comics)


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After Tigra and Patsy Walker were nearly killed during the investigation into the Blue File case, She-Hulk realizes that there is something big going on; something very deadly. As such, she calls in an old acquaintance named Dr. Kevin Trench (who I’ve never heard of) to help her figure out what exactly is going on. However, more trouble soon follows.

Oh great, Patsy has Beastie Boys on her mind. We’re never going to get anything out of her now.

I’m feeling a bit mixed on this issue. As with the last one, the story is pretty decent. The mystery around this Blue File case continues to get more and more interesting as the trouble the characters encounter keeps piling. However, the ending is a letdown because it’s just dropped. She-Hulk decides not continue investigating the case anymore because it’s getting too dangerous and that’s it. I’m sure it’ll come back, but feels like all that build up was for nothing ultimately.

The writing by Charles Soule is pretty good overall. The characters are enjoyable and fun to watch, even if there isn’t much too them here. The pacing is fine and so is the story structure for the most part; I say that because this issue has some very poor scene transitions. For instance, after a big fight scene is over inside Jen’s building, it abruptly cuts back to Jen’s office with no mention of any time passing or any changes and now Patsy is magically all better, even though she was in the hospital. It really took me a moment to figure out what was going on. Otherwise, the dialogue is alright and some of the humor is good, though a bit forced in places. Not as good as the previous issue, but still not bad.


Now let’s discuss the artwork. Ron Wimberly is still the artist and… there are still problems. Again, to his credit, there are some interesting angles and perspectives used and some of his double pages spreads are decent at first glance. Also, the coloring seems much better, with much less gaudy looking colors and such. Those are the positives…

…That being said — the artwork doesn’t work for this book remotely. Characters still look bad, with rapidly changing body types and physiques through the pages, awkward facial expressions where you can’t tell what someone is feeling, and wonky looking fighting.

She Hulk comes out the worst in this issue, especially when she goes super She-Hulk, not even remotely looking like herself (also her hair is much shorter when this happens, reminding me of how Red Hulk loses his mustache between changes). The backgrounds are dull and so barren, there’s tons of empty white space, and some of the poor transitions between scenes and movements can be due to the artwork just rapidly changing to something else without clear explanation. Also, there’s the coloring: Despite its improvements, it still feels inconsistent at points (skin color changes, walls changing coloring in the scenes).

I have no words for this. Except maybe “BAMF.”

Is It Good?

She-Hulk #6 is a weak conclusion to what started off a great mini-arc. It just sort of ends without resolution, some of the writing dropped in quality, and artwork continues to be an utter mess. There are some good parts to it and I wouldn’t say you should drop the book, since we going back to the original artist next issue, but this one may be hard to sit through if you have been enjoying the title up until now.

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