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Weekly Weeklies: 10/01/14 - Batman Eternal #26 and Futures End #22

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Weekly Weeklies: 10/01/14 – Batman Eternal #26 and Futures End #22

Next week brings about Earth 2: Worlds End, the final weekly series from DC Comics. In the meantime, however, let’s check out Batman Eternal #26 and Futures End #22.

WARNING: Spoilers Below!

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Batman Eternal #26


Lead Writer: James Tynion IV
Corresponding Writers: Scott Snyder, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley, and Kyle Higgins
Artists: R.M. Guera


After being rescued from the rubble of Bard’s apartment and being brought back to the Batcave to recover, Batman informs the Bat Family about Julia Pennyworth stepping in for Alfred while he’s in the hospital. He also tells them that Hush is behind everything and he needs them focus on quelling the numerous riots that have broken out over the city in the meantime. They agree and head off, but Julia is curious: Who is Hush?

Spoiler Corner:

Batman gives Julia the lowdown: Hush is Tommy Elliot, a former sort of childhood friend of Bruce. Tommy seemed incredibly obsessed with Bruce and wanted to be just like him, dressing and acting like Bruce, using his identity, and even killing his own parents so he could be just like Bruce. Bruce eventually had enough of that crap and naturally wanted Tommy to stay away, causing Tommy to hate and resent him. Once he finds out that Bruce is Batman, he takes on the persona of Hush — his own rendition of Batman.

As martial law breaks out in the city, Stephanie Brown/Spoiler catches a ride to Kane County Correlational Facility to confront her dad (The Cluemaster) about everything. She confronts and mocks him, having found enough information to expose him and his plans to wreck Gotham. Just as she uploads the information, it mysteriously changes and now she becomes a wanted person with a $10,000 bounty. Uh oh.

As Batman and friends look for Hush and attempt to stop the riots, we cut to the hospital room where Alfred is… or where he is supposed to be anyways. Turns out Tommy Elliot has moved him somewhere else (Tommy is a doctor and has certain privileges you see) for “better” treatment. The place? Arkham Asylum, where Alfred wakes up and finds the Joker’s Daughter watching over him.


Again, things are really heating up and getting exciting — with even more gaps in the story filled in relation to the Batman #28 issue.

One of the biggest deals with Batman Eternal #26 is the new Hush origin, which retains the certain obsession that Hush has with Bruce, but goes Fatal Attraction with it. It’s different, but still feels fitting for Hush as a character. Of course, your mileage may vary… just like your opinion with the art. R.M. Guera is still on art duties and I still stand by my opinion that his style fits with Batman franchise and that he draws a fantastic looking Gotham… it’s just his characters just don’t look like they should and his superheroes/villains look off. Oh well.

Best Moment:

Stop smiling, Tommy. You look like the kid from Problem Child.

Batman Eternal #26

      8.5Overall Score

      Futures End #22


      Writers: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, and Keith Giffen
      Artist: Patrick Zircher


      As Jason returns to work, he finds Dr. Yamazake has grown more paranoid and hateful of superheroes after Masked Superman has been revealed as Shazam, and wants to up the time table on getting the teleporter working (because that sort of thing always works in sci-fi films). Jason thinks Yamazake is getting more unhinged and tries to talk some sense into him, but Yamazake isn’t having any of that and says that all heroes cannot be trusted. Oh irony.

      Spoiler Corner:

      At the Wounded Duck, Ron Raymond has returned after being thrown out a bunch of issues ago. He apologizes to Cal/Tim for being a douche and wants to apologize to Madison. However, Cal/Tim regretfully says she doesn’t work there anymore and it’s his fault.

      In Las Vegas, we finally catch up with Grifter’s pals (Voodoo, Mercy, Justin, and two others) who have broken into a place… for some reason (to possibly bring someone out of hiding? It’s not clear nor has this storyline been talked about in months).

      In New York City after getting away, Batman Beyond tells Plastique the truth about everything, the future and why she saw the cyborg version of herself. She’s horrified by everything, but she wants to help. She doesn’t want that future to happen and Batman Beyond brings her in. Also, A.L.F.R.E.D. AI has pinpointed that the Brother Eye AI is… somewhere on Cadmus Island.

      Back in space, Frankenstein, Amethyst, and Hawkman are awakened and confronted by the still corrupted Engineer/Angie. They demand to see the master of this ship and confront them. However, it turns out that Brianaic… has gotten quite huge and they are stuck on his ship, called Blood Moon. When all seems lost, Black Adam appears from the Phantom Zone and prepares to attack the gigantic monster/robot.


      Certainly not a bad issue, but it feels like there isn’t as much going on like usual and it’s just setting the stage for the next part of the series.

      Not that it would be a problem mind you, since we are still covering important ground and developing some of the characters, but Futures End #22 was just not as exciting as previous issues. One thing that was good but annoying is the entire storyline checking in with Mercy and Voodoo again; they have barely done anything in the comic and we’ve barely seen them as well, so its actually kind of hard to remember what purpose they serve to the story or why they are important.

      Best Moment:


      Futures End #22

          7.0Overall Score

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