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And so it is here.

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Is It Good? Earth 2: World’s End #1 Review

And so it is here.

Earth 2: World’s End: the last of the DC Weeklies that was announced and the one that I feel the most neutral towards. That’s not because I hate Earth 2 or anything, it’s more because the writing talent and art team isn’t as impressive as the other weeklies from my perspective. But hey, maybe they’ll prove me wrong and I do like to be proven wrong when I’m uncertain about things. Let’s give this a look. Is it good?

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Earth 2: World’s End #1 (DC Comics)


After a very lengthy recap of the entire Earth 2 series, we cut to the present after the fallout of the second Darkseid invasion (I believe). The superheroes and World Army/Council are trying to get everything back on track for the planet; Earth’s kind of a wreck right now and there are still a bunch of problems, but it could always be worse. Of course though, it’s going to get worse rather quickly…

You are never too young to learn how to fly the Batplane!

As with Futures End, World’s End is basically a setup issue. It gets a bunch of plotlines and threads going for the weekly to tackle and focus on, while showing where all or most of the characters are currently at and how they are doing. It doesn’t necessarily make for the most intense or thrilling opening, but it’s important and what they do show has my attention. I am curious and want to see what happens next, which is what a good series should do. However, I’m not particularly fond of the fact that I’ll also need to be reading Earth 2 and other tie-ins for this weekly though.

Now the main thing is, how accessible is this comic? Batman Eternal and Futures End are both very easy to get into for most new readers, since they don’t need to know too much about the characters or previous plotlines (besides one or two points, but the narratives can stand on their own and don’t require extra reading ultimately). Earth 2: World’s End #1 tries to make the book more accessible with a very length recap of Earth 2 like I said. It hits on all the major points of the series, (such as important characters and the twists), while also filling in a few gaps here and there. This recap takes up half of the issue, but luckily, it’s an oversized issue that’s regular priced, so you are not being overcharged and still get plenty of new story as well. I can see fans of Earth 2 not actually interested in this, since they already know all the facts, but as someone who is incredibly far behind on that comic, this recap was very appreciated.

Ever get that feeling of deju vu? Ah well, probably nothing.

We have three writers on this book: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, and Mike Johnson (Hey… I thought Tom Taylor was supposed to be writing) and they do a pretty good job. The pacing is good and the story flows well from page to page. The characterization seems to be on point, the dialogue is decent, and there are some very nice and genuine emotional moments that made me smile. The ending is good as well, but probably not as strong of a hook as the previous weekly series’ first issues were. Overall, not a bad outing for the team on the writing so far.

The artwork is a bit different though. There’s a gigantic amount of people drawing, penciling, inking, and coloring this book and it really shows. I wouldn’t mind this many people on the book if the artists were all working on separate sections (like one team drew the recap and other did the present), but ultimately it looks really messy here. The opening recap looks like it goes through 3 different artists all at once, which doesn’t make it flow as well as it should artistically; the second half is better, but still has moments where you can tell there is an obvious switch. Admittedly, the artists all do a good job with drawing their pages individually, but crammed together like they are? A little incongruous.

Sure! There’s no one around, hence we saved everyone!

Is It Good?

Earth 2: World’s End #1 has the series off to a solid start. The story is interesting, the recap was good for getting everyone up to speed, the writing is pretty good, and some of the artwork is nice.

There are some problems and honestly, this wasn’t the most exciting start to a weekly series I’ve read this year — however, I do like what I’m seeing so far and I do believe there is plenty here to like. If you have been enjoying Earth 2, make sure to give this a shot.


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