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Is It Good? Avengers World #15 Review

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Is It Good? Avengers World #15 Review

Sadly, I just kinda gave up on Avengers World after a while when I realized it was as boring as the main Avengers book. However, I’m back since the newest issues are tying directly into Avengers & X-Men: Axis. Let’s see what this book can make from this event. Is it good?

Avengers World #15 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Avengers World #15 Review

Taking place right before the events of Axis #6, inversed Dr. Doom has reached a conclusion. He’s been a terrible leader and he has decided to atone for everything he’s done. However, he’s going to have some problems with the Scarlet Witch having a hate-on for him after everything he has done to her. So, with the help of Valerie Richards, he decides to do something about it and also possibly fix the problems he has caused.

Is It Good? Avengers World #15 Review
The exposition is strong with this one.

Frankly, this is probably the best tie-in to Axis and also the best issue of this series in general. Not the greatest comic mind you, but it wasn’t too bad. It’s a decent enough start to the little mini-arc, setting the stage for what is happening, tying in fairly decently to the event (with some exceptions), and having some good characterization and moments. It does make me interested in reading more to see how this all goes down with what happens and with the characters assembled, so there is that.

As for the comic as a tie-in, it’s decent with some problems. On the positive side, I do like the inverse version of Dr. Doom and it fits what you would expect him to be. The story works as a nice side-tale for what is happening in Axis, showing that Dr. Doom wasn’t completely stupid and forgetting about the fact that the Scarlet Witch would be coming after him. Now, where exactly this comic falls in the timeline of this event is questionable to a certain degree. You can easily figure the opening bit takes place slightly before Axis #5, but for the final scene of the book? At best (it’s uncertain given that the issue hasn’t come out yet) this might take place after or during #7. The heroes are fighting the Scarlet Witch and it’s during the daytime. In #6, she arrived at night and was fighting Dr. Doom. So the timeline is iffy here. Also, this issue shows that not every hero was actually captured like Spider-Man said in #6 and Valkyrie is still running around despite being captured in #5. The writers and editors should really coordinate with each other a bit better honestly.

Is It Good? Avengers World #15 Review
Also, isn’t Valerie supposed to be 3 or something?

The writing on the book is fine overall. The characterization is iffy for me to judge since I’m not too familiar with most of the characters here. Though, from who I talked to, it’s half-half on that front (some people are fine and others aren’t). The dialogue is decent enough and enjoyable to read, with some rather funny or good lines here and there. The pacing is decent, the storytelling and structure are fine, and the comic does a good job at balancing the tone between light hearted and serious.

The real treat here on the book, at least for me, was the artwork by Marco Checchetto. He drew Greg Rucka’s Punisher run awhile back and it looked absolutely gorgeous. That quality extends to this issue as well, delivering some beautiful imagery and exciting action in the right areas. The characters look decent (except for Valerie not looking her age), the facial range is solid, the layouts are solid, and the fact that most panels have actual backgrounds is rather nice. Combined with some good coloring, this issue turned out to be one of the better looking comics Marvel put out this week.

Is It Good?

Avengers World #15 is a pretty decent tie-in to Axis. It has its problems, but the story is off to a nice start, the writing is good here, and the artwork is nice to look at. So far, this is probably the best thing to come out of Axis and hopefully it can keep up this level of quality going forward.

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