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Is It Good? Futures End #39 Review

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Is It Good? Futures End #39 Review

As the end gets closer and closer, Futures End is starting to feel rather slow. Sure, there are plot points developing, but it doesn’t often feel like a whole issue is moving quickly or feels all that eventful. It’s a bit disappointing, so let’s hope this new issue picks things up a bit going forward.

Futures End #39 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Futures End #39 Review

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Writers: Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff Lemire
Artist: Stephen Tompson


Up on the Justice League Defense Station Omega, female Firestorm and Masked Superman have brought up Dr. Polaris. She wants him to replicate the effects of the teleportation disaster so that she and Jason can un-merge from each other. In return for his help, Dr. Polaris will get the Justice League tech for the teleportation technology, so he can mass produce it and give it to the regular citizens of Earth. Masked Superman doesn’t believe he can be trusted, but he agrees to the situation.

Spoiler Corner

In Las Vegas, at the wreckage of the hotel where Fifty Sue dropped the Cadmus safe on top of, Mr. Faraday, Mercy, Voodoo, and the rest are discussing what to do now that Fifty Sue has fled with their stuff. They need to get it back, but they’re not sure where she is and whether or not any of them will survive if they’re to face her head on. Elsewhere, the little hell child has teleported Cash’s friend, Justin, to where she, Lana, and Cash are at (some sort of Chuck E Cheese knock off). He’s just been recruited as Sue’s older brother, everyone just sort of stuck with her and unsure what to do now.

Back in Smallville, John, Midge, and Superman are attacked by these… small yellow things that spawned from nowhere and are connected to Brainiac. During the fight, Midge seems to be fatally wounded and during which, she reveals that Brainiac is planning on attacking Manhattan, which Superman proceeds to immediately fly off for.

At Castle Frankenstein, Victor, the man who created Frankenstein, is there and offers up a deal for the dying monster. He’ll save him, transfer his brain into a new body, but he’ll make him more loyal to him and help him conquer the world or something. Frankenstein says he rather die, having seen the future earlier in the series and knowing what his fate will be, and telling Amethyst to end it. She agrees, cutting off Victor’s head and destroying his monsters. Once the deed is done, Frankenstein asks for a paper and pen. He is planning on writing down his story…

Back on the Justice League satellite, as Dr. Polaris is about to get to work on his experiment, a warning alarm goes off. Something big is coming towards Earth… something really big.


Again, there are some plot developments here, but the issue really doesn’t make many leaps or bounds this time around unfortunately. One plot point from the last issue that seemed rather big was wrapped up very quickly and almost rather unsatisfyingly. Another plot didn’t really go anywhere and another seems like it will be put on hold. Now, the cliffhanger and small preview in the back do seem to indicate that some big things will be going on next issue, but this one felt rather boring. That’s a shame since the writing was fine otherwise and the artwork was good (though the coloring seemed to change at points).

Most Memorable Moment

Is It Good? Futures End #39 Review
In this family, I think everyone should have a problem of some sort.

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