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Powers: Season 1, Episode 5 “Paint It Black” Review


Powers: Season 1, Episode 5 “Paint It Black” Review

Episode 5 brings us to the halfway point of this ten episode series. Can it finally work out its kinks and be the TV show it deserves to be or will it continue it’s wonky nature of good/bad, silly/serious and never finding a balance?

Powers: Season 1, Episode 5 “Paint it Black” (Playstation Network)

Powers: Season 1, Episode 5 “Paint It Black” Review
Don’t freakout it’s only one bad episode!

This episode opens where we left off with the main protagonist Christian Walker attempting to stop his arch nemesis Wolfe from eating another Power and getting even stronger. The Power that is soon to be a meal is a fellow inmate of Wolfe’s as he’s escaped imprisonment and swallowing up as much power as he can. Much of this issue is about Walker and Wolfe and their history. Each flashback is triggered by some awkward red eyed stare downs from the characters. Apparently Walker’s taking a drug made from Wolfe’s blood called Sway that has connected them in some way. Thus the episode opens with a flashback to 1994.

Powers: Season 1, Episode 5 “Paint It Black” Review
I didn’t mention it in my review but this guy and his storyline just kinda ends…

The flashback focuses on Johnny Royalle, Walker and Wolfe at a nightclub which just so happens to also have Retro Girl among its patrons. Royalle and Walker, much younger here and played by different actors, are apparently disciples of Wolfe. This episode goes a long way in establishing the relationship between these three characters. We also learn that Wolfe wasn’t necessarily a villain as he appeared on TV shows a free man. Well, until the end of that night, as Wolfe does a very bad thing.

The episode doesn’t do the viewer many favors as far as information is concerned. Why is Walker, for instance, so young, yet in the first episode he said he was old but just looked young due to his powers? By my estimate that can’t be true if he’s in his 20’s in 1994 but now in his 40’s… seems like normal aging there. There’s also no explanation as to what plane of existence the characters are on when Walker goes into Wolfe’s mind nor its purpose. I guess they’re just having a moment or something? It’s a bit frustrating and instead of any meaningful dialogue the characters simply stare and we’re left to wonder what it all means.

A foundation of something is being laid here though, for instance a more complicated relationship between Retro Girl and Walker is forming as well as secondary stories moving forward. I can’t say I’m that interested in a Powers tagger and teenager who wants powers so badly she’ll follow any old Power around like a puppy dog, but at least they’re progressing. At the end of it all though every moment Eddie Izzard’s Wolfe is on screen is a good one.

Two issues that I take umbrage with: First off, the whole Sway storyline seems to have just ended or at least turned simply to serve the Walker storyline. I’m just so glad Royalle has had a change of heart at the ninth hour. Also, speaking of Royalle, how the heck did he make it out of that prison? I guess he can side step a major plot device to serve the storylines? Also, unfortunately the writers have decided to resolve the whole conflict part of this issue by having every single character get knocked out. It’s a bit too easy and also wraps up a surprise development for Walker as well. By episode’s end one is left wondering if Walker is now supposed to be bad or what as his eyes glow red ominously.

Powers: Season 1, Episode 5 “Paint It Black” Review
And all of a sudden we get this chick acting like a real hero…huh?

The special effects continue to be average and simple with digital effects being used for the most part. Wofle’s blood geysers after eating continue to be fun spurts of gross flourishes. I do think they need to ameliorate the wire work though as Retro Girl and Walker all look to obviously be hanging rather than flying. It takes the viewer out a bit and makes one wonder if a more practiced set person needs to be brought in to make something as simple as wirework look real.

Is It Good?

This episode isn’t as wonky, but it’s not as strong as the last episode due to confusing storytelling devices and a badly written plot. The series continues to press on with its plots which are good, but a lot of this episode was confusing and ultimately boring..

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