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Powers: Episode 7 “You Are Not It” Review


Powers: Episode 7 “You Are Not It” Review

The most topsy turvy TV show on the face of the planet is here for its seventh episode and boy do I fear what it has to bring. Can it keep its legs underneath it or will it continue to be terrible/good or good/terrible?

Powers: Episode 7 “You Are Not It” (Playstation Network)

Powers: Episode 7 “You Are Not It” Review

The plot continues to meander in this latest episode as the lead protagonist, Walker, who was previously the superhero named Diamond is tracking down the culprits behind the drug called Sway. The audience knows teleporter Johnny Royalle was making the stuff but he’s shutting things down as Sway is killing people. The drug gives people heightened powers so it’s all the rage, even though the side effects are dangerous. Just another way this show tries to show us how people are infatuated with gaining powers.

This episode does progress the plot and heights tensions…I can’t say it does it well for the most part though. Generally the longer Walker or Wolfe (his arch nemesis imprisoned in the Shaft penitentiary) are on screen the better the show is and thankfully they both get a good amount of screen time. The show seems to think it can lead us on with Walker wanting to get his powers back as if we care. So far he’s slightly gained them, but mostly just whined about not having them. The writers also seem to have stopped trying to get Walker and his partner Pilgrim connecting in the slightest. The show offers a moment between them near the beginning as he tries to get her a coffee but it ends badly and just makes the audience want them to stop.

Wolfe (Eddie Izzard) gets a moment in the sun this episode as he speaks to Johnny Royalle. It’s preachy, probably on purpose with all the Jesus references, but gets the job done as far as making him wildly insane and weird. Johnny Royalle meanders in this episode the best he can and ends up pissing off Walker, because that’s what he’s good at.

Generally the production values are failing, especially in this episode. If Netflix is spending 8 million an episode on Orange is the New Black this show must have a 1 million per episode production value tops. The special effects are generally lame and later in the episode when a hero jumps down from a building 50 feet towards a crime taking place it looks like the worst wirework you can imagine. Still, you can’t knock it for at least trying with the costumes. There is a nice grossout dead body moment with the forensics guy at the police office that’s relatively cool and realistic. His name is Dr. Death and he continues to steal the show whenever he’s on screen. Give this ornery bastard his own show already!

This blip of a character that’s always enjoyable is an example of how this show gets things right, but not enough of it. There are moments via acting, action or plot that kick in here and there that are fantastic, but it’s never consistent. It keeps stringing the viewer on just enough to keep watching but not enough to get all that excited about it.

Another example is Johnny Royalle’s henchman who gets a little dose of the Drainer. This machine sucks out your powers if you have them, but for him it’s a little more complicated. You see he can duplicate himself…so what happens when he’s drained and he’s got a copy running around? Well we find out in this episode. He’s an interesting character in his morose and opportunistic ways.

Powers: Episode 7 “You Are Not It” Review
His story is a bit tragic.


This is a so-so issue that continues to tell an okay story with a lot of potential but it simply needs a higher budget and a lot more writers.

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