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7 Duos To Watch In 'Game of Thrones' Season 5

Game of Thrones

7 Duos To Watch In ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5

In anticipation of the season premiere of Game of Thrones tonight, I compiled a list of the seven duos I’m most excited to see this season. Enjoy!

Grey Worm + Missandei

7 Duos To Watch In 'Game of Thrones' Season 5

The eunuch and the translator. Who would have thought that Grey Worm and Missandei would ever be lovers? Certainly not I! It has been confirmed, however, that they will be getting intimate at some point in Season 5, as they were very clearly depicted smooching in the first trailer. I’m so excited to see where the showrunners take these two characters as their relationship is very much the show’s own brainchild.

To me Grey Worm and Missandei represent everything that’s great about the show; this is a relationship that did not take place in the books, but still rings true in the canon that George R. R. Martin has created. What makes these characters so special is that they are both kind of innocent, despite the violence they’ve faced with Dany. Seeing them grow up into adults with sexual impulses will be interesting and will hopefully bring new depth to the characters.

Prediction for this duo in Season 5: Grey Worm’s undying loyalty to Daenerys will probably be brought into question when sometime in this season he will have to choose between spending time with the woman he loves and doing his duty for Dany. My prediction seems like kind of a petty conflict to take place in GoT, but we shall see.

Daenerys Targaryen + Daario Naharis

7 Duos To Watch In 'Game of Thrones' Season 5

Despite a change in actors last season, I think that Daario has been a great addition to the show. Daario seems to bring out a more playful and even rash side of Dany that juxtaposes nicely with her typical calm, prudent demeanor. As a duo they bring a layer of humor and youthful fun to Dany’s storyline which has been rather bleak historically.

I’m sure that watching Dany come into her role as queen of Meereen will be fascinating, but I’m even more excited to see if Daario makes that role easier or more difficult. How will Dany be respected by her people if she is in a relationship with a sellsword? Wouldn’t the queen of Meereen be expected to marry a man from Meereen? Will Daario be a distraction to Dany so she won’t be able to focus on her queenly duties? I can’t wait to find out!

Prediction for this duo in Season 5: Dany will be discouraged from having a love affair with Daario by her other advisers and will be forced to make Daario her secret. Daario will be unhappy with being treated like a muse and will look for action elsewhere.

Alayne Stone + Littlefinger

7 Duos To Watch In 'Game of Thrones' Season 5

Sansa, or Alayne Stone (the moniker she’s using to keep her real name hidden), is an utter emotional wreck. She’s been away from her family for years, she was tortured by the Lannisters and is now in the hands of a potentially pedophilac guardian that used to be in love with her mother. So, it kinda makes sense that she wouldn’t be all too put-together. It appears, at least from the trailer, that instead of trying to help poor Alayne put her life back together, the ever devious Littlefinger plans to exploit her weakness and use her as a way to carry out his agenda. Despicable!

I can’t wait to see how Littlefinger toys with Alayne’s emotions and manipulates her into doing what he wants. Will Littlefinger try to use Alayne as a way to gain more political power? Probably. Is Alayne his key to the North? Seems possible. Will the Lannisters put out a ransom for Alayne? Most likely. Will Littlefinger try to kiss her again? Hopefully not! Editor’s note: And maybe, just maybe, Sansa is ready to assert herself and turn the tables. (It would be great to see Littlefinger finally outmanipulated.)

Prediction for this duo in Season 5: I think that at some point Alayne will come to her sense and realize that Petyr is up to no good. I think it’s very likely that at some point this season Alayne will begin to out-Littlefinger, Littlefinger. It’s definitely her time to shine, and it’s his time to fall, so it would make a lot of sense with the narrative that Alayne would bring about his downfall.

Tyrion Lannister + Varys

7 Duos To Watch In 'Game of Thrones' Season 5

Probably the most hyped duo of Season 5. Almost all of the trailers so far have had a shot of these two, and I can’t imagine that we won’t get a lot of them in the actual show. This is a perfect combination. They are both anti-heroes, forever witty and plotting. I’m sure that their scenes will be full of delightful repartee, and that they will be a joy to watch.

What’s most interesting, however, about this duo, is the role reversal the both of them have undergone as of last season’s finale. Before Season 5, Tyrion was an active player in the War of the Five Kings, his participation in the war reaching a climax at the Battle of the Blackwater. Tyrion was a doer, and he was in his element in King’s Landing. Now here he is on the other side of the world in Essos (Pentos to be exact) which is exactly Varys’s element. Varys grew up in Pentos, and has connections in Pentos, so it will be the perfect spot for Varys to become an active participant in the War of the Five Kings. We already saw from the trailer that Varys was going to back Dany, now it’s time to see Varys come into his role as an organizer and a leader, like Tyrion was back in King’s Landing.

Prediction for this duo in Season 5: Varys is going to send Tyrion to Dany so that Tyrion can be Dany’s hand. Varys meanwhile will forge alliances for Dany and help her to build her new empire.

Cersei Lannister + Margaery Tyrell

7 Duos To Watch In 'Game of Thrones' Season 5

By far the most hostile duo yet to be listed. These two queens are among the best of George R. R. Martin’s creations, and they really do come alive through their actresses on the show. Last season we saw the two of them at each other’s throats, neither of them willing to give up their hold on Jofferey. Now Jofferey is dead, and the two of them have a new King to fight over, Tommen. The combined grief of having to watch a woman she hates/envies takes her son away from her and mourning the death of her father will most likely drive Cersei mad.

How will Margaery deal with Cersei’s rage? Will she capitalize on the fact that Cersei has gone off the deep end to exploit her and dislodge her from her throne? Will she try to help Cersei and comfort her in her time of need to maybe curry some favor with her mother in law? Only time and the show will tell!

Prediction for this duo in Season 5: I think that Cersei’s going down in Season 5. If you just look at the number of family members Cersei has in King’s Landing it’s far less than Margaery, and they won’t do nearly as much to ensure she is ruling as Margaery’s family will to make sure Margaery is on top. Tywin and Jofferey are dead, Tyrion is gone, and Jaime is heading down to Dorne. Before long Cersei might not even have Tommen by her side if Margaery does her part. So that’s my prediction: Cersei will be dethroned before season’s end.

Reek + Ramsay Bolton

7 Duos To Watch In 'Game of Thrones' Season 5

It was so painful to watch Theon become Reek, but at the same time it was such an addictive storyline. I’m absolutely ecstatic to see what becomes of Reek this season, and if the show runners have taken any material at all from Reek’s story in book five, this season will be amazing.

We already got a teaser shot of the Bolton’s back in Winterfell, in the same pose as the Starks back in Season 1. This is a harrowing shot, not only because it demonstrates the total defeat of the Starks, but also because it shows that Theon will now have to return to Winterfell and begin to face his demons. I could not be more excited to see Theon and all the other great Northern characters from book five on screen.

Prediction for this duo in Season 5: I know too much about their storyline to make a realistic prediction that I don’t already know is going to happen.

Jon Snow + Melisandre

7 Duos To Watch In 'Game of Thrones' Season 5

By far the most promising duo in Season 5 is Jon and Melisandre. How could they not be? They are literal representations of Ice and Fire! I can’t wait to see how the two of them mesh and interact. The real reason I’m excited for this meet-up, however, is to see if the show gives any legitimacy to my theories about Jon Snow being tied to Azor Ahai or actually being Lightbringer. I doubt we’ll get much in the way of prophecies, but a boy can hope!

Agree? Disagree? Tell me who you would pick in the comments below!

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