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Is it Good? Infinity Gauntlet #2 Review

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Is it Good? Infinity Gauntlet #2 Review

Marvel’s Secret Wars reboot has revived quite a few wonderful old series, one of which is Infinity Gauntlet. Today marked the release of the second issue in the newly revamped Infinity Gauntlet series and this issue promises big action. Let’s check it out, is it good?

Infinity Gauntlet #2 (Marvel Comics)


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This series focuses on a family of Novas as they traverse the wasteland caused by an unknown cataclysm. For some reason there are killer bugs all over the place and it is suddenly the Nova Corps’ most pressing duty to exterminate the bugs. The whole thing seems a little silly.

Anyways, this issue picks up where a mom in the Nova Corps reunites with her bedraggled family after an extended period off fighting somewhere else. She presents her family with Nova Stars and everyone gets suited up! Even the dog! I really didn’t like this part of the comic. The narrator is stale, the dialogue seems forced and the whole scene reads as hokey and unoriginal. I feel as if I am reading a script from the ‘60s that was never published and was only now given artwork to go along with it. The jokes are corny and weak and the narrative flows in a way that inspires boredom.


Everyone who purchased this comic came for one thing, and that’s the action. The first bit of fighting was entirely uninteresting as the family teams up to blast some bugs. It seemed more like filler than actual storytelling and never piqued my interest. The narrator of the story muddles the action with heavy monologuing that definitely detracts from the scene around her. If you hang around for the rest of the issue there is some fun tussling with Thanos that almost makes the issue worth it. Or I’m just a sucker for Thanos.

I understand that this comic has a larger plan in mind with the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos (and apparently Guardians of the Galaxy) but it really seems like they’re rushing through the story. Only two issues in and there are multiple storylines running parallel to each other as well as some scenes set in the future. The result is the lack of any coherent story throughout the issue. I think that if the creative team took some time to develop a few of the stories they are trying to tell individually in time the series would create a fuller picture of the conflict for the Infinity Gauntlet.


Infinity Gauntlet features beautiful, hyper realistic drawings of sprawling landscapes and distinguished characters. The action all flows because of the dynamic penciling and sharp inks. The shading can drastically alter the mood and setting of the comic. The futuristic and fictional elements of the book are created with mastery. A tip of the cap to artist Dustin Weaver, for sure.

Is it Good?

I didn’t enjoy this issue nearly as much as the debut. It was majorly confusing and the plot and dialogue seemed overdone and unoriginal. I will stick around for a few more issues but I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this issue.

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