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Baltimore Comic Con 2015: Dynamite’s ‘The Next Ten Years’ Panel

On Friday at the Baltimore Comic Con, Dynamite Entertainment had their “The Next Ten Years” Panel which included Ron Marz, who is currently writing John Carter: Warlord of Mars, Francesco Francavilla, cover artist for The Avenger and the upcoming James Bond comic, and Dynamite’s own Keith Davidsen.

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The panel covered a number of different topics, from Ron Marz’s insistence that the Naked Princess, Dejah Thoris, was not only included in John Carter: Warlord of Mars but that she could kick ass as well, to the type of research Francesco Francavilla did on his Dark Shadows covers. Francavilla was quite glib that a lot of American media and pop culture never made it across the ocean, so he was unfamiliar with Dark Shadows and resorted to watching old episodes on YouTube to get a feeling for its gothic nature.

There were also some interesting revelations concerning Dynamite’s top-selling book. If you were thinking it’s one of their older licenses such as Vampirella, Red Sonja, or The Shadow, you’d be wrong. In fact, Bob’s Burgers is their number one selling title.

The panel also looked into the future. Davidsen revealed that although Gail Simone’s run on Red Sonja ended this past week, there is already a relaunch planned for next year for Red Sonja and Vampirella that will be heavily influenced by Simone’s vision of the characters and where she wants to take the characters.

Aside from the upcoming James Bond book, Davidsen also revealed that Rick Remender will be working on a new title, Devolution, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is devolving into cavemen and survival is of the utmost importance. Dynamite will also be publishing a book titled Seduction of the Innocent, which long-time comics fans may recognize as the title of psychiatrist Frederic Wertham’s book that stated comic books were a serious cause of juvenile delinquency and were a negative form of popular culture. Davidsen notes their upcoming title is an attempt to reclaim the feel of a comic book before Wertham’s notorious crusade. Seduction of the Innocent will be available in December and Raymond Parkes is one of the creators behind it.

There was also news on their King series that focuses on Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant, The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, and Jungle Jim. All five of these characters will move on to an as of yet unnamed new series that will most likely focus on Flash Gordon as the main character.

The last bit of series news involves Dynamite’s Gold Key characters, Magnus: Robot Fighter, Turok Dinosaur Hunter, Dr. Spectre, and Solar Man of the Atom. Davidsen noted that all four of these characters will be coming back together.

Finally, the panel closed out with some words of wisdom from Ron Marz. “It’s all about the bottom line.” He noted this is especially true at Dynamite because of their licensed properties. If the books don’t sell, they are going to stop publishing them. Marz had touched on this subject earlier in the panel as well when they discussed the numerous crossovers Dynamite has been doing and how Dynamite is going to keep putting out crossovers because us as readers are buying them.


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