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NYCC 2015: Notes From the Women of Marvel Panel

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NYCC 2015: Notes From the Women of Marvel Panel

Moderator Judy Stephens opened the 2015 NYCC Women of Marvel panel by introducing a huge panel that included Sana Amanat, editor Katie Kubert, and costume designer Anna Foley. Stephens reminds us there are 17 female-led titles right now, when a few years ago there were zero!

  • Squirrel Girl/Howard the Duck and Spider-Women crossovers coming next year. Huge cheers for Spider-Gwen. Sana says Silk, Jessica Drew and Gwen will all be trapped in Gwen’s universe.
  • Stephens then introduces the new Scarlet Witch series to applause. Sana calls the new costume a romantic/gothic vibe. On a “magical mystery tour,” Wanda tries to fix the world’s magic problems. She’s coming into her own without people telling her what the rules are. First issue by Vanessa del Rey is stunning.
  • Hellcat is first female ongoing series by all-female creative team! Coming in January.
  • X-Men ’92 hip hop variant gets applause. Artist Afua Richardson says she hopped up and down when she got the offer to do it. She loves classic hip-hop as it brings people together. “Drawing Storm with natural hair?” she says. She loves it and the crowd agrees. New tease: Afua WILL be working on a series, but can’t say what yet. Axel Alonso wants her to “rip the script apart” on this new project and create her own designs. Afua feels like she’s being welcomed into a family.
  • HUGE applause for Black Widow and Captain Marvel novels. Margaret Stohl thanks everyone for freaking out over the first Black Widow announcement a year ago. The new book will be about the Red Widow. “She is going to rock that,” says Stohl about Shannon Hale on Captain Marvel young adult novel. These are done through Disney publishing.
  • New slides appear of Daisy’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. costume. Anna Foley says it was great to see Chloe Bennett in “a bad-ass Quake costume.” She even put the comics quake symbol on the gauntlets and the jacket.
  • New storyboards for Netflix’s Daredevil season 2, including a yellow costume. No one specifically talked about that, so who knows? “The philosophy for these series on Netflix is that they’re grounded in reality,” says costume designer Stephanie Maslansky . The costumes have to look like you could see them on the street.
  • NYCC 2015: Notes From the Women of Marvel Panel

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  • Jessica Jones still photos get applause. David Tennant (Killgrave) is wearing a purple scarf! “Working with David Tennant was a dream come true,” says Stephanie Maslansky. They found so many suits and ties that made a wide variety of purple, with menacing qualities that stay true to the character’s origin.
  • Stephens plugs the Women of Marvel podcast with a new, punk rock intro song. Amy Reeder is so excited she belts out the title herself. Reeder says she likes to make new characters, so modernizing Devil Dinosaur with a new companion appealed to her. She says “Moon Girl” is kind of like Inspector Gadget, as she has a backpack with technologic stuff. Amanat says sneak peek of interiors is coming soon. Amanat says looking at Lunella the Moon Girl gives her the same feeling as when she first saw Miles Morales.
  • NYCC 2015: Notes From the Women of Marvel Panel

  • Marguerite Bennett talks about Angela: Queen of Hel. Stephens shouts out the Angela cosplayers, and Bennett is appreciative.
  • Erica Henderson talks about her artwork for Squirrel Girl. Something so secret is coming, that the new issue #2 has a black box over the cover in solicits, to avoid spoilers.
  • Sana asks how many people here want to make comics? She tells all those people to get up and wave to each other. Talk to each other and make a comic together! “Just go do it!” Amanat says.
  • “We’re here, we’re here to stay, and it’s a safe space for everyone,” she says.
  • Question time. Someone asks about civilian female characters and is answered that Mary Jane will play a large role in Invincible Iron Man.
  • Maslansky says she spent a week on her kitchen table deciding how the Daredevil mask she designed would work. Foley says she didn’t have a lot of leeway with the Quake costume because of time constraints, but she loves it. Mockingbird’s costume, too. These costumes make them feel strong without oversexualizing them. “That’s what’s important to me,” she says.
  • Question: Do you want to work on Star Wars? “Doesn’t everyone?” responds Amanat. Reeder puts on an Ewok hat and says she wants to do an Endor book.
  • A man asks questions for his shy girlfriend: Why Spider-Woman’s pregnancy? How big a role will Luke Cage play in the Jessica Jones series? Sana says the pregnancy came from writer Dennis Hopeless’ own fatherhood; he had such respect after seeing his wife go through it. “That’s the strongest aspect of being a woman,” Sana says. Mothers are the strongest women; forget superheroes. They can’t say anything about Jessica Jones!
  • NYCC 2015: Notes From the Women of Marvel Panel

  • “Seeing you guys up there makes comics feel like home,” a female question-asker says, to applause. Bucket list characters? “I make Teen Tony Stark jokes in my head, says Stohl.” Maslansky wants to work on a Hellcat TV series. She’s heard rumors. Foley wants to design costumes for Spider-Gwen.
  • Will the Spider-Women have villains of their own? Sana says email Spidey editor Nick Lowe and tell him that!
  • On the topic of improving body image through costumes, Foley says they’re tactical decisions. Agent May needs a bodysuit, unless she’s at a cocktail party, as in one episode. Katie Kubert says she talked to New Avengers editor to tell artist Gerardo Sandoval on New Avengers to not draw Squirrel Girl with big boobs. Accentuate the butt instead!
  • “Where the hell is our Black Widow movie?” asks a Black Widow cosplayer. Stohl comes down and gives her a Black Widow book. “I’m losing my s--t a little bit,” the cosplayer says. Will we see Yelena Belova again in Black Widow novels? Stohl can’t answer, but look for more of Red Widow in the comics.
  • Kubert says if you want to see LGBT issues, check out young Iceman in All-New X-Men. Afua Richardson says she’s doing plenty of that in her new book.
  • Reeder confirms that yes, Moon Boy will appear in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.
  • A member of the audience asks if Kamala Khan, Kate Bishop, etc. could start a “Young A-Force.” Marguerite Bennet gives a big thumbs up and Sana Amanat slyly says, “Be patient.”

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