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Deadpool #1 Review

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Deadpool #1 Review

Hold up.

Can we really believe what we’re seeing on the cover of Deadpool #1? Our boy Wade all gussied up in a three-piece suit, revelling in the adoration of his zealous fans? A ginormous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade-sized Deadpool float in his honor? The hell is going on here?

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Has Deadpool’s dream of popularity and worldwide acceptance finally come true? Is it good?

Deadpool #1 (Marvel Comics)


Why is this comic important?

Is you blind? It’s Deadpool. He’s got a movie coming out in February. Everyone and their grandma-ma knows what he’s all about at this point (thanks to the Deadpool 101: Power and Abilities article written by yours truly, right? Right?!).

Also, we’ve got Gerry Duggan, the guy who just finished a killer 45-issue Deadpool run back on writing duties. He knows the character well and with the plot inversion thrusting Deadpool into the role of “world’s most popular superhero,” the hype game for the All-New, All-Different Deadpool #1 is damn strong.

The good?


Marvel promised a different Deadpool. And hell, they weren’t lyin’. Don’t believe me? In Deadpool #1 we come to find out:

  • Deadpool’s an Avenger.
  • He’s got more stacks than Tony Stark. (“Tony’s inability to fully fund the Avengers did leave me some big shoes to fill,” he admits in an interview with the chief anchor of ABC News. Yes, he gets interviewed by the press now.)
  • He’s got his own helicopter nicknamed the “Deadsled.”
  • And he’s also got his own team of mercenaries (comprised of C-listers and D-listers from the Marvel Universe) at his command (that dress like him and assume his identity).

The art by Mike Hawthorne (pencils), Terry Pallot (inks) and Val Staples (colors) is a perfect fit. Hawthorne draws well-proportioned characters that are full of body language and stirring facial expressions — and he draws as dynamic an action sequence as I’ve seen (the opening battle between Deadpool/Solo and Korean webtoon sensation turned Avenger, White Fox, unfolds at a level approaching Bruce Lee-choreographed fluidity).

The colors by Staples pop as well, palpable in such sequences as the opening one — a stunning four panel, two page spread where Deadpool parachutes from a roof top in Seoul, South Korea; he glides over a bruise-colored skyline, his reflection gliding alongside him on the mirrored panels of a skyscraper suffused in yellow city light, before finally cat-burglar rappelling/laser beam cutting his way into one of the rooms. It’s a gorgeous sequence which, under a lesser colorist’s care, would have lost the entirety of its charm.


The bad?

Despite the fact that Deadpool’s got six different guys running around doing good in his name, the title doesn’t quite feel like a Deadpool comic yet; might be because, despite being dressed like Deadpool — it’s more difficult to care about what happens to these guys because… they aren’t Deadpool; might be because apportioning all that time to the supporting cast cuts into actual Deadpool time; might be because the issue is lacking Deadpool’s unique brand of humor (I didn’t chortle even once); might be because despite the fact that I consider myself a pretty rabid Deadpool fan, I didn’t get a good sense of who he was from this #1 issue — so I can only imagine how lost a new fan picking this up for the first time would be.

Note: Is this how you want me to make hate Shiklah, Gerry Duggan? Because this is how you make me hate Shiklah.

Also: I was told by the cover there would be a Deadpool parade. There was no Deadpool parade.

Is It Good?

It’s tough to say without seeing what develops in the next few issues. As a first issue — it’s not the greatest introduction to the Deadpool character, doesn’t have the “feel” of a Deadpool title yet (with so many supporting characters crammed into the midst) and there’s very little in terms of narrative direction.

It’s worth a look for those that want a fairly interesting start and some decent action, but as of yet the chess pieces have only been set up on the board — still untouched.

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