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Batman and Robin Eternal #6 Review

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Batman and Robin Eternal #6 Review

Have my prayers been answered? There’s only one artist working on Batman and Robin Eternal this week and not a bunch whose styles contrast?

That’s a good sign… but now we ask the question of the week: “Is it good”?

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Batman and Robin Eternal #6 (DC Comics)


Lead Writer: James Tynion IV
Other Writers: Scott Snyder
Artist: Tony Daniels


As Dick Grayson and Red Hood investigate Orphan’s secret hideout from the last issue, Dick flashes back on events from several years ago regarding what happened with Scarecrow. What is the connection between the two villains?

Spoiler Corner:

In a flashback: After messing up and failing to get the Scarecrow yet again, Dick is taking the loss pretty hard. However, Bruce tries reassuring him that everything will be alright and to relax at the fundraiser he is going to throw.

At said fundraiser, Bruce meets an old pal of his and they chat a bit. As they do, his friend mentions something odd about his wife, saying that he had “bought” her and that she was specifically designed for him. He mentions he got her from a woman called “Mother”, but immediately retracts the statement when he notices someone watching them.

Suspicious, Bruce tries to investigate these claims, but cannot seem to find anything suspicious about “Mother” or the man that was watching them. However, when reviewing footage the security camera at his friend’s apartment, he sees a cloaked figure entering the place. By the time he gets there, both Bruce’s friend and the guy’s wife are dead.

In a flashback, Bruce gets Dick to suit up and head with him to track down a lead in Prague. In the present, Dick assumes that’s the next best place to look for answers and decides to take Harper and Cassandra with him. The issue ends with the three leaving and this “Mother” character, watching from afar on a screen and waiting for them to arrive.


Batman and Robin Eternal #6 was a significant step up from the last few issues. There was actual progression with the story instead of a bunch of false leads being chased. We were presented with a big flashback and a far more solid direction for where this comic can go in the future. Plus, Tynion’s writing was stronger than usual and Tony Daniel’s artwork was good and consistent. Honestly, this is a step in the right direction and I’m reenergized to see where this comic is going.

Most Memorable Moment:

Man, you guys must be really good friends if he is stupid enough to confess to something like this.


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