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Cognetic #2 Review

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Cognetic #2 Review

Tales of the apocalypse seem to be more popular than ever. Maybe it’s because we’re losing touch with ourselves in this sea of technology, or maybe we just like our stories ramped up to 11. Either way, Eryk Donovan and James Tynion IV are giving us a new one and it’s haunting.

But is it good?

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Cognetic #2 (BOOM! Studios)

Cognetic #2 Review

Last month we met a woman named Aime in a healthy relationship with a kid and a past that possibly goes back hundreds of years. A man also showed up in town and quickly started taking over people’s minds turning them into him in a sort of all-encompassing hive mind; now camped out at the top of a building and amassing a giant chair of human bodies, the villain wants to meet Aime face to face.

Why does this comic book matter?

After a fantastic end of the world tale with Memetic, this writer/artist team is back and delivering another end of times tale that’s original and fresh. A hive mind villain isn’t new, but the origin and the approach is and should be on everyone’s radar if they like chilling science fiction.

Cognetic #2 Review

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

James Tynion IV opens the with a complete surprise as we learn more about the mysterious characters with mind control powers. It’s a great science fiction sequence that’s straight out of old school flicks — and incredibly unnerving. It’s a curious scene as well as we not only see the brutality of humanity, but also the problem of people being given too much power.

The rest of the comic gets on with the main players we met last issue and it’s pretty clear the bad guy is good at what he does; he’s pretty scary and his motivation makes sense when you consider how much power he has. What makes matters worse is he doesn’t give a rats ass about the protagonist who he calls sister. This of course sets up what will be a profound conclusion next month.

Meanwhile the protagonist is put between a rock and a hard place. The suspense is high and she takes some actions that are straight out of an action flick. What’s the most exciting element to me though is how gender roles flip. I’m not sure it’s on the creators minds, but when gender roles literally change it puts into question whether gender even matters. It’s a bit of an interesting twist on things and I could see this element pumped up more if this were to ever make it to TV or movies.

It can’t be perfect can it?

There are moments where the dialogue runs a bit long, really only two pages total in the book, but it slows down the tension built in previous scenes. They tend to be scenes where characters are talking on the phone which makes matters a bit worse since characters aren’t actually interacting with one another.

Cognetic #2 Review

Is It Good?

An exciting apocalyptic story that’s as chilling as they come.


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