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Old Man Logan #1 Review

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Old Man Logan #1 Review

After all this time, my most anticipated Marvel Comic has arrived! From writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino (the dream team who brought us Green Arrow) comes Old Man Logan, wherein the titular character who has suffered many an atrocity 50 years into the future finds himself suddenly awakening in the present.

Will Old Man Logan “seize this opportunity and change history to ensure that his future never comes to pass…”? Is it good?

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Old Man Logan #1 (Marvel Comics)


The Lowdown

Logan wakes up and finds himself in present day Times Square, disoriented and naked. However, it’s not the Times Square he remembers. You see, this is Logan from the distant future where supervillains rose up and killed almost all of the superhero and took over the country. He’s come back to the past, but why? Also, what will he do now?

The Yays

In general, I found Old Man Logan #1 to be quite enjoyable. Like most first issues, it sets everything up that it needs to. Lemire establishes this version of Logan fairly well so you have an idea of what kind of person he is, how is reacting to how everything has changed, and get to see why he is making these decisions at the end. You get a brief look at Old Man Logan’s harrowing future, why he’ll want to change it from happening and reflections he has of his family and his son. You don’t even necessarily need to read Millar’s Old Man Logan, since this comic does a fair enough job filling in the details. It’s rather new reader friendly in that sense, though I would still recommended reading that mini-series to give this comic a bit more impact if you haven’t already.


The artwork by Andrea Sorrentino looks amazing. The layouts are well-crafted, easy to follow, and lead to some visually striking images (especially with the double page spreads); For instance, there’s a wonderful double-page spread that homages one of the covers to The Dark Knight Returns with similar colors, shadows, and lightning bolt strike going on in the background. the characters are striking as well (outside of some odd musculature), easy to differentiate and the action is gritty and bloody (though slightly static in how it is presented at times). The detail used in the images and scenery look great as well, really selling you on some of the locations and settings. Add in Marcelo Maiolo’s color work, who does a great job overall with tone and transition (I do find it amusing that flashbacks of the future are brighter and more colorful than the present), and you have a truly wonderful looking comic. I haven’t seen anything drawn by Sorrentino since Green Arrow, so it was nice to see he is still as good as ever here.

The Nays

Regardless to the negatives, the pacing feels a tad off in the comic. It moves very slow at the beginning, but gradually gets faster and quicker as the comic goes on. This leads to a narrative that takes its time, slowly revealing this character to you at first — but by issue’s end, conversely, it feels like it is rushing itself through the final act to get to the point.

Is It Good?

Old Man Logan #1 was a great and promising start to the series. Lemire establishes the main character very well, introduces the idea of what the series will be about, and has some stellar artwork to go alongside his wrting. In comparison to most of the other Marvel titles, this is the one I’m most excited about going forward. It has shown a lot of potential for excitement in the future, so here’s hoping it delivers on it.

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