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Green Arrow #51 Review

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Green Arrow #51 Review

Though Green Arrow lives in Seattle the man is behind enemy lines in Africa to start this issue. Talk about a fish out of water. Is it good?

Green Arrow #51 (DC Comics)

Green Arrow #51 Review

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Green Arrow and Emi were on their way to find Doctor Miracle to curb the outbreak of werewolves, or wergs, in Seattle. It appears Doctor Miracle’s blood can cure sickness and injury, but unfortunately Green Arrow must overcome a militant group known as The Whites and Deadshot before he can even speak to Doctor Miracle.

Why does this book matter?

Writer Benjamin Percy certainly has a compelling combo on his hands with Green Arrow dealing with being a Werg. The character must fight with his fists—albeit bolstered by this wolfish ability—and arrows, but this added element gives the series a fantasy boost. Artist Szymon Kudranski brings a darker tone to the book that suits the street level violence.

Green Arrow #51 Review

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The new threat in this issue is rather compelling for a few reasons. Oga is the leader of a group calling themselves The Whites, who took the name after studying the strategies of the white man at Oxford. He adds a bit of character and culture to the big bad that has captured Green Arrow and it builds up towards a witty remark Green Arrow drops later in the issue. It’s important that this villain works since Green Arrow and Oga spend a good portion of the book talking.

Eventually the action kicks in and it’s a lot of fun. Deadshot enters the fray and it’s filled with explosions and stabbings galore. Kudranski draws a mean layout—like one page that has two panels inside the silhouette of a building and then has a person fall off said building—which goes a long way in making the action fun. The quieter scenes work with a good balance of close up and mid level panels too.

It can’t be perfect can it?

There are moments where the art is wonky, or characters look awkward and that takes you out of the book. One panel has Deadshot jumping and his waist is so thin it looks silly. In another Green Arrow is stabbed and the knife looks very awkward. In another sequence we switch from inside to outside and a character looks much too similar to Oga which is a bit confusing to say the least.

Green Arrow also bungles things quite a bit and it’s striking how vulnerable he comes off in this issue. What is his plan exactly? It appears he’s waiting to be saved by sheer luck. It doesn’t help that some of the dialogue is either odd or over the top. Take for instance a line Doctor Miracle says: “Why is the world always bleeding? Why must I be the bandage?” Dude get over yourself. There’s a good story here, but it’s not the most put together of tales.

Green Arrow #51 Review
Figure it out Ollie!

Is It Good?

Action packed and fun because of it, Green Arrow #51 works well enough, but a few awkward scenes, panels and bits of dialogue make this an imperfect read.

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