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Chew:  Demon Chicken Poyo #1 Review

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Chew: Demon Chicken Poyo #1 Review

Just because Poyo’s dead doesn’t mean he still can’t kick ass. This week, John Layman and Rob Guillory bring us a harrowing tale of the powerful poultry’s exploits from beyond the grave.

Is it good?

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Chew: Demon Chicken Poyo #1 (Image Comics)



  • I would like superhero origin recaps a lot more if they all followed this structure.
  • The Exorcist + The Chew universe (Chewverse?) = Possibly the best/funniest food based ability we’ve ever seen.
  • Layman may not rhyme as well as Doctor Suess, but the delightfully crude humor makes up for it.
  • I’ll never get tired of Guillory’s fake Poyo comic covers.
  • Santa or Satan…doesn’t matter how you arrange the letters, they still ain’t got nothing on Poyo.


Is It Good?


Sorry. I’m still not over it. But this story definitely helped ease the pain.

Poyo: Demon Chicken provides a thrilling and joyous tale that’s also laugh out loud funny. And not the type of ‘LOL’ where you just smile and nod, but genuinely belly laugh so hard that the people sitting near to you at Starbucks start to look uncomfortable.

As usual, Guillory’s art is outstanding. Every page is brilliant at first glance, but for those who are willing to stare a few extra seconds, you’ll be rewarded with some awesome detail and hilarious easter eggs. The over the top adventure also allows Guillory to cut loose with some action sequences that are equal parts beautiful and insane.


Layman’s Poyo-centered stories are always on the silly side, but they’re also well crafted. This one is no exception. In fact, it may be my favorite Poyo story to date. Or maybe I just miss him being a main part of the Chew series. Either way, this isn’t just some throwaway joke issue. Part of Poyo’s awesomeness is mostly built on the many allusions/assumptions about his legendary exploits. This story finally gives the reader a front row seat to the show. Pulling the veil back like that could have easily resulted a major let down. Instead, Poyo grabs your lofty expectations, crushes its windpipe, and chucks it through a wall of hellfire into another dimension.

That shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone who’s been reading Chew, though. Layman/Guillory are one badass creative team.

And Poyo is still one badass bird.


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