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Earth 2: Society #14 Review

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Earth 2: Society #14 Review

The characters in this series have the opportunity to reboot their planet, bringing back the dead and the better days. That’s something I think the American people can relate to considering our political situation right now. Question is… is it good?

Earth 2: Society #14 (DC Comics)

Earth 2: Society #14 Review

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So what’s it about? The official DC summary reads:

It’s Wonder against Wonder with the fate of Earth-2 in the balance. The world is barely holding on by its fingertips. Do they dare risk an attempt to reboot their planet with the mysterious Amazonian device? Meanwhile, a new enemy is on the move behind the scenes, attempting to take advantage of situation.

Why does this book matter?

I was positively floored by the last issue and I wasn’t even reading the series! Popping into a new book randomly and enjoying it is a special experience because it requires great storytelling in the single issue format. Writer Dan Abnett has a lot of interesting versions of the DCU characters to work with too, with much different dynamics than we’re accustomed to. Plus artist Federico Dallocchio can really wow with the epic full and double page spread.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This issue opens with the heroes arguing over whether they should utilize a power that will conceivably bring everything back to what it was. Fury (basically Wonder Woman) disagrees with this choice, but as with many superhero comics if the good guys are squabbling the bad guys will strike. And they do! Abnett does well to establish Batman and Fury’s arguments and thrusts the bad guys right in between them before they can settle it. That infuses the already dramatic story with more drama.

At the same time Batman, AKA Richard Grayson, has a heart to heart with Fury about the loved ones he’s lost and the psychological state he’s in. Abnett does a good job making this character sympathetic, but still strong. You’ll empathize with him and at the same time be a bit swayed by his wish to reboot the Earth. Who wouldn’t!? Of course, if that power gets into the wrong hands it’ll be hell to pay which plays out nicely in this issue.

Earth 2: Society #14 Review
The HR meeting got very tense…

Federico Dallochio and Angel Hernandez split the art duties with Dallochio on the first half and Hernandez on the second half — but you wouldn’t know it if you didn’t check. The styles are seamless and carry over well, never jarring the reader. The dialogue scenes work because of the well rendered facial expressions and acting, but the action is great too. A double page explosion is quite exciting (with a great “Fraaaakiiiuushhhhh!” sound!) and these villains adequately introduce themselves by cutting the heroes up (sometimes literally!). One of the best panels has the character named Scalpel cut through Steel and it’s brutal, cool, and swift-looking.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The only downside to this read was the easily predicted twist ending. Abnett lays it on a bit thick, maybe to enhance the dramatic effect of the final panel, to the point where you’re just waiting for a certain character to rear their heads. The drama of the effect is still there, but it was seen by a mile.

Earth 2: Society #14 Review
Sad Batman is sad.

Is It Good?

This issue continues a well-written and fun Elseworlds tale as the characters must make a hard choice that we can relate to. At the same time the action continues to shine due to some solid art.

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