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Green Lanterns #3 Review

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Green Lanterns #3 Review

It’s funny when villains attack planet Earth and, depending on the comic book title you’re reading, only the hero of that title can do anything about it. It’s always something weird like, “Oh the Justice League are off planet” or, “Superman is busy fighting a giant squid.” The two newest Green Lanterns are in charge of protecting Earth in Green Lanterns #3 — and they have to fight off the Red Lanterns entire force.

Is it good?

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Green Lanterns #3 (DC Comics)

Green Lanterns #3 Review

So what’s it about? The official DC synopsis reads:

“RAGE PLANET” Chapter Three: In issue #3, Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are trapped in the bloody and monstrous Rage Tower with their rings drained. Now, they must work together if they’re going to escape. Can the new protectors of Earth find common ground—or are they doomed to give in to the anger that’s growing between them?

Why does this book matter?

Writer Sam Humphries has a secret weapon on his hands and it’s the reluctant team up of two brand new heroes. That’s a combo that’s ideal for drama, dramatic tension, and character growth. So far this series has had all three in droves!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Green Lanterns #3 does two things very well. It reminds us Simon Baz is a good hearted hero even if he’s dealing with anger and a troubled life and it progresses the promise shown in the Rebirth issue of a new character harboring a box with something portentous. For the latter I was beginning to think we’d never get new details on the new character, but thankfully it’s reintroduced here. In regards to Baz, Humphries does a great job in a single page establishing that Baz deserves the Green Lantern ring as the hero is ever present and strong in him. He even has a breakthrough when he fights a Red Lantern (who is revealed to have a very surprising back story) which further establishes his heroics.

Jessica on the other hand continues to be a disappointment of a Green Lantern. It doesn’t quite serve as comedic relief, but it’s almost at that level of buffoonery. She’s very new to the fight – and can’t even create things with her mind – which Humphries exploits creating an argument between the characters.

Green Lanterns #3 Review
The teddy bear makes this seem a tad ridiculous.

Overall the art works, although it is handled by four different pencillers in this issue which takes you out of the book here and there. Some artists are better than others, or at least more similar to the style of the series in the previous issues. There’s also four inkers on this book too, but for the most part – let’s say 60% – the art works quite well.

It can’t be perfect can it?

… But that other 40%! Some of the pages have an old school look like something Neal Adams would do (complete with crazy eyes and screams), while others are clean more photo realistic. The changes in art make the narrative feel a bit schizophrenic though which take you out of the experience.

Narratively speaking the only element that didn’t work for me was the cliffhanger, which seems to come out of nowhere. I don’t want to give it away, but nothing happens prior to lead us to believe what happens was earned. It seems like a shoehorned cliffhanger for cliffhangers sake.

Green Lanterns #3 Review
I hate when my cat does that!

Is It Good?

Another good issue that reminds us Humphries has a winning formula going.

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