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Throwaways #2 Review

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Throwaways #2 Review

Every life is precious. At least, that’s what we should believe. Problem is, not everyone agrees with that, and in Image Comics’ new series Throwaways we’re trying to figure out what that means. The second issue is here, but is it good?

Throwaways #2 (Image Comics)

Throwaways #2 Review

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So what’s it about? The Image summary reads:

Fleeing ULTRA agents and her past, Abby runs smack into a ghost from it when she’s taken prisoner by a private security firm with ties to her time at Camp Cheshire. Dean and Kimiko must stay alive without Abby’s protection, and keep one step ahead of the mysterious Alice, who might be their guardian angel, or guiding them back into ULTRA’s clutches.

Why does this book matter?

If you haven’t read our review of issue #1 (because that’s reason enough), know that this series feels fresh. The characters may be part of some kind of government coverup to give human beings superpowers, but it feels unique due to the strong character work. Writer Caitlin Kittredge also writes the fantastic Lucas Stand. Need we say more?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Throwaways #2 Review
The perps, ahem, I mean heroes.

This issue picks up shedding more light on the bad guys who immediately want to capture Dean and Abby and further information is revealed about Abby in the process. This is a flashback issue that gives us just the right amount of details to understand the complexity of the situation, but not too much to keep us wanting more. Kittredge continues to make Abby a delight to read in her fearlessness and refusal to take crap from anybody. The cliffhanger seems to suggest things are only going to get more complicated too.

There’s plenty of action in this issue with Abby kicking ass, Dean using his powers again, and some wartime action in Afghanistan. The pace is mixed well between exposition and action so you’ll never feel bored.

The art by Steven Sanders continues to be strong. In one action scene, Abby must protect Dean and even without weapons she kicks some major ass. So much so that Sanders has her kicking a guy between panels. Sanders does a great job making a key character creepy as hell too. The character has close ties to Abby and he’ll make your skin crawl in every panel he appears in due to Sanders’ strong work with facial expressions. There’s some clever use of art too, like a map that is laid behind a double page Afghanistan sequence, a screengrab of a computer screen being viewed, and clever use of real life photography here and there.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The creepy character known as Paul is a bit too creepy for his own good, making him less realistic and hard to believe. He’s sadistic sure, but every time we see him he appears to be loving the pain others are in or will be in. While he may not be a big character going forward his inclusion is very important in this issue and the believability of the events is taken down a notch due to his evil bad guy schtick.

This is also largely a table setting issue for Dean and his girlfriend which gives them not much to do. They don’t develop much along the way, but that’s also because Abby takes up so much of the issue.

Throwaways #2 Review
Oh, that’s good.

Is It Good?

More is revealed in this action packed issue that propels our characters in some surprising ways.

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