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Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #3 Review

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Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #3 Review

A war is brewing between the “good” guys and the “bad” guys, but if you’ve read Mark Millar’s superhero stories before you know nothing is black and white.

A team is being put together in this issue, so is it good?

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Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #3 (Image Comics)

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #3 Review

So what’s it about? The Image summary reads:

The world’s greatest superhuman is back. Hutch and the gang have tracked him down to a secret hide-out in northern Russia where the ageing super-villain has become a bitter loner. With Walter Sampson’s league of super-villains taking over the planet, can a world crisis haul this legend out of retirement, or must the gang face the bad guys alone?

Why does this book matter?

If you read Jupiter’s Circle 2 this is the issue you’ve been waiting for. Skyfox was a major player in that series and Millar proved a superhero can still be a hero even if (or maybe especially when) their actions go against the establishment. The team attempts to recruit him here and that’s a major move in the grand scheme of things.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #3 Review
He was just waiting for this story to get going.

Millar continues to write very grounded characters even if they can tear through solid steel like it’s tissue paper. This is due to his ability to focus on very relatable things, like absentee fathers or the budding love of two people who believe in the same battle. Though Skyfox is reintroduced in this issue he’s what makes this issue great and is the core to everything; not surprising since he’s probably the good guys’ only hope.

It’s the pace and timing that sell this issue as Skyfox is happy watching old Russian VHS and waiting for the world to end already. There’s a connection to Jupiter’s Circle, but readers who didn’t pick it up can enjoy this all the same. That’s because a flashback reveals a moment where Skyfox wanted to give up on society. It’s heartbreaking and also very relatable to current events and the seemingly rampant racism of today. This moment of clarity is followed up with a perfectly written bit of dialogue between Skyfox and Jason and it serves as a satisfying scene that pays off later. The scene also serves to make a hard choice earned. You can also tell, even though he quit being a superhero for a reason, that Skyfox still has something to prove, which makes the cliffhanger payoff too.

The art by Frank Quitely continues to be good when it comes to costumes and well designed panels. He’s a master when it comes to empty space which allows the characters and actions of a scene to feel all the more important. How can you not dig the ruffled and layered look he gives clothing either?

It can’t be perfect can it?

The art isn’t a slam dunk however with Jason looking oddly old, or not matching up panel to panel. It’s a inconsistency that throws things off from time to time. The bridge of Chloe’s nose is another strange inconsistency which in some panels makes her look flat out ugly and not the same person.

While Skyfox’s story in this issue is satisfying, the content outside of his portions feel light. The characters are either on their way to talk to Skyfox or are standing around wondering what to do. In a collected edition you wouldn’t even notice, but as a single issue you wish there was a bit more to the issue.

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #3 Review
60 Minutes is best viewed VERY VERY CLOSELY.

Is It Good?

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 is turning out to be a satisfying continuation of the story Millar told in Jupiter’s Circle. Strong pacing and a message about society we can all relate to is within your grasp – you just need to buy this!

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